Friday, September 26, 2014

Nerds and Para Geeks - REJOICE!

Nerds and para geeks - rejoice!  There are lot of fun sites for us to get our weirdness on!

There are new services that you pay a monthly fee for to get all kinds of goodies based on themes like "nerd" "gamer," and "horror." 

Nerdblock is a very cool one! This company offers a few packages. You can get the monthly nerd theme, the boy nerd, the girl nerd, horror, and arcade themes. Each package comes with plush toys, collectibles, tees, you name it! Most packages are 13.99 to 19.99 a month and I know my son waits eagerly for his package to arrive each month and he's 26! You never outgrow these fun items. Some are becoming collectible immediately.

Lootcrate is another fantastic monthly service. This one sends you a geek and gamer themed package for $13.37. For example, one month the theme was "villains" and it came with - 

Each month can have anything from hoodies to tees, hats to collectibles, action figures, and more! 

Funko has the most amazing collectibles, some of them going so fast that you can't find one without a hefty price tag online. They have licenses for lots of themes (just click the licenses button at the top of their site). They have Universal Studios Classic Monsters, Walking Dead, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics, and so many more ones that every nerd, geek, spaz, and dork would adore!

It's a given that us geeks adore MST3000, but there's another really fun poking-fun-at-old-videos site on YouTube called RedLetterMedia.  

How does the geek keep up on his gadgets and gizmos, technology, and all the news in geekdom? The master geek goes to Geekologie! 

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