Friday, September 12, 2014

Innovators for a Better World!

I will begin by saying I am a stock trader and investor. The companies I choose to invest in must make the world a better place because I'm investing in my future, but also my child and his future children's. I am a person that, when I see someone doing something good, I promote them and I encourage good and constructive behavior and industries. I work hard to promote independent artists and others with small businesses who are doing what they were meant to do. When I go to invest in a company, I consider what they are doing for my world and innovating and finding more healthy ways of living on the planet. Some of these industries below I am invested in because I see potential for game-changing better world outcomes. 


It's hard to imagine why our country and other countries too are so shy about the concept of growing hemp and utilizing a product that is so truly amazingly versatile. It is a crime that we are so terrified of something that has so many healthy applications from medical to beauty, building materials to textiles. Hemp fabrics, lotions, ropes, pain treatments and even building blocks - all such truly fast growing and easy to produce materials that are being held back by fear and provincial directives. We don't think anything of using spirits for the basis of air fragrances and beauty products and yet because hemp also is associated with pot folks smoke, we seem to be overwhelmed at the concept of utilizing it. One of my favorite and the most therapeutic lotions I have ever used is made from hemp at The Body Shoppe.

Let's look at what it can do for building materials - 

DNA-based immune technology

Imagine immunizations that could prevent viruses such as Hep C, HPV, HIV, and pandemics? How about curing cancer with vaccines? Autoimmune diseases? This is the new and exciting change happening in the race of pharmaceuticals to be the first to break the code and help you utilize your body's own defenses against these diseases and use DNA-based technology to seek and destroy the "bad stuff." Inovio (INO) is one such company that won vaccine of the year and has been making huge in-roads to the cures. There's a lot of pharma's hoping to capture the cure and change the future of disease and make chemotherapy and radiation irrelevant. Inovio, has all the right stuff from their scientists to their board of directors, CEO and staff. They are showing such promise in fact, that I have invested long-term in them. Imagine, investing in the cure for cancer! 

Some things said by the company at a very recent presentation at a conference - 

"Data has implications beyond cancer."

"Profound impact on chronic infections."

"Injection site redness, you want to see, immune therapy working."

"It's all about the t-cells."

"That's what Inovio does better than anyone else."

"We use our $ecrect $auce"

"All of our technology's are protected by global patents"

"Largest treasure trove" referring to T cell data.

"We have the right app to command and control the T cells"

"INO1400 taken field by surprise"

"Potential Universal Cure"

"We expect to move quickly"

"We can do this alone or with a corporate partner"

"Our relationship with Roche has gone fantastically"

Plastic to Fuel

All plastics, even non-recyclable, made into ultra low sulfur fuel. On the exciting upcoming front, PTOI (Plastic2Oil) is in the process of selling these processors to companies around the world for them to take their plastic waste and turn it to clean fuel. I've invested in this company because I want to see the world rid of dirty plastic that is non-recyclable and make clean fuel. This is the way our future must be if we are to have a future. 

Want to make a better world? Want to live healthier? Here's some of my suggestions - 

Use organic hemp lotions, coconut oil, and sesame oil instead of rubbing lotions with chemicals into your skin to be absorbed into your body. 

Consider learning about permaculture. Learn how to grow sustainable organic food and even get community gardens going.

Get raw fruits and veggies into your diet every day - if you won't eat them, drink them. Get a Nutri-Bullet machine and whirl them up with some water and drink them down. They are delicious and an amazing way to get tons of produce into your body you would never sit down and eat. If you want, join my Facebook Nutri-Bullet, Smoothies, Juicing and Herbs page to get support.

Check out LUSH cosmetics. They made the most amazing and beautifying products, all natural, all raw, and truly dazzling effects.  

Purchase houseplants to clean the air in your home. They also add great beauty. The best plants for cleaning the air include ficus and palm trees, pothos, ivy, ferns, and rubber plants. 

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