Happy Birthday Elvira!

Happy Birthday Cassandra Peterson! "Elvira" was born on the same month and day as I was, September 17th!

We share a few things in common... both redheads, both Scandinavian (I'm a Thorvaldsen - family took on the name Day when my father moved here as a child), we're 1 inch apart in height, both vegetarians, both love to dance, and both have a ridiculous sense of humor and love of horror, especially bad horror!

There might be a couple other things we have in common....

I must say, I've never dressed up as Cassandra's character, Elvira, but I have to say, putting on the costume, makeup and wig, I was suddenly feeling her!

I discovered, however, that, although we have a lot in common and likely our very birth day might make us similar Virgo types, there is only one ELVIRA, one Cassandra and one Sharon. 

If I had a horror goddess personality, she might be my autumnal druid - 

Happy Birthday Cassandra! Thanks for being such an icon and such a good sport about all the adoration and excitement with kindness and intelligence. You do a Virgo proud!


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