Sunday, September 28, 2014

Do Human Souls Have a Purpose?

A sense of purpose.

It's vital to us mortals to have a sense of purpose, a driving force, because we think of life in reference to physicality and needs; procuring food, shelter, mating, health, and social support.

We answer to clocks and calendars, time lines and commitments. We tally off the to-do list as we move along. And, upon occasion some hidden aspect of ourselves asks, "what is my purpose here? It's certainly not to pay bills or sit in traffic, I hope."  

Sometimes we try to tap that higher purpose, but then this physical realm rears its ugly head again to awaken us from the spiritual and remind us of the practical. 

It's hard to pay attention to spirit when we meditate because the very "real life" issues interrupt our meditative thoughts

We lay back and practice controlled breathing only to become aware of our aches, pains and deep bone-grating exhaustion. 

If we go on vacation and enjoy a completely carefree time, we know we must go back to the grind because life demands we produce, produce, produce

If we feel moments of utter joy and contentment, our eyes cloud over with sorrow for the fact that, well, it must end....

When we leave this incarnation and become spirit without body, that situation is hard for us to imagine. Does the spirit world have a purpose or are souls just having a wild free-for-all for all eternity with no actual tasks or purpose? 

Are we a collective holding of God's designs joined together in a great "reward" of eternity without need for food, procreation or physical ailments? That hardly sounds like purpose to us mortals, does it?  It sounds like hedonism and perhaps a bit boring after a couple eons.... 

Our only frame of reference is that of physical beings. In fact, a fantastic saying proclaims; 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." 

From this perspective, perhaps the more important question is; do physical forms serve a purpose? Perhaps it provides a vessel for a soul to experience an aspect of the universe which is terrestrial and biological in nature. Are souls simply having a practical applied experience in universal knowledge rather than the theoretical? (Hands-on training, if you will?).

Does the universe just play out every possible scenario souls including mortal and immortal forms? 

Is the mortal universe simply a superficial layer of something much deeper, like a face hides a beautiful soul? 

Are there levels of spirit in the afterlife in which they must mature through all processes beginning with mortal realm and ending with unity with the universal all? 

Must we leave this realm for a pseudo-realm that has a physical appearance we are accustomed to, like those who have near-death experiences and tell of light, fields, flowers and dead relatives appearing? Is it is a decompression chamber for the next level of spiritual experience?

Here's the problem of our mortal perspective: Gas in a can is fuel waiting to be utilized. It is just sitting there. Once it's in an engine, that engine drives a person across country. So, we make an assumption, without being utilized in a purpose, our soul is sort of like a full gas can with no engine. 

Our limited experience of life as a thinking being in a physical plane does not truly allow us to understand any other way of being. Do you understand how it is to be a rock? A building? A bird?  One way we can gain insight is from near-death experiencers who report their time on the other side. 

One of the most reported happenings is a sense of existence that they had no comparison to.  They often say, "that world was real, this one is not." That is another dimensional perspective when you join a collective in which there is no time, no physical obstacles, immediate connection to all that has been, is, will be, and all life forms, the universal whole. 

It would be like a baby in the womb, alone and sucking its thumb, floating around, kicking occasionally, hiccuping, but doing all of this with no sense of other. Then, the baby comes out of the birth canal and people await him, to hold him, to cuddle him, to feed him, to make him never feel alone again in the physical realm.

That is what the birthing process is like as we move from this physical realm to the spiritual. We leave being physically separate from others and suddenly move into a true connection with all humanity. It's a level of connection that brings near-death experiencers to tears when they recollect it.  

In fact, we are too linear in our thinking that one body houses one soul and that soul is an entity. It is obvious by the transfer of energy from the dying biological form, that there is no vessel for that energy - it is more like liquid entering a stream than stone being tossed into a stream. We go from separate to united.

All we have to do is look at the interdependence upon the earth which is a microcosm of the universe. We have rain that falls from the sky to provide for plants and creatures, and we have plants and trees that give off oxygen, living creatures that give off carbon dioxide, and all of it working to create a balance by its coexistence and very nature being designed to interrelate and manage to continue life upon the planet in this physical biological realm.

So does the universe have a need to continue on a symbiotic relationship that relates all pieces of its existence, from physical to gaseous, liquid to energy, mortal to immortal.  

Our souls purpose would be the breath that gives life to symbiosis and synchronicity in the universe, it is an expression of the very makeup of everything; yin and yan, counterbalancesOur body is yin. Our soul is yan. Our physical universe is yin. Our spiritual universe is yan. 

And therein, perhaps, lies the answer to the age old questions; do human souls have a purpose? 

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