Where To Buy Carnival, Horror, Victorian and Mourning Items


Sweet Midnight on Etsy:  This awesome shop has lots of creepy jewelry and oddities, but also beautiful grave rubbings like this one of Bela Legosi's headstone - beautiful art! 

Teardrop Memories:  This shop is in Pennsylvania, but has its items cataloged online. It includes funerary pieces like this one above with the deceased hair. It has vintage books, memento mori jewelry, and mourning items. An absolutely fascinating shop! 


Great American Circus Sideshow on Etsy - this shop has the oddities you would give a para-geek friend and they would spaz! If you love carnivals and sideshows, this shop has tons of items retired from sideshows, as well as actual rides and booths! 

Mummified Rougarou Hand

Antique 1923 wooden ferris wheel seat 

Himalayan carnival ride

Carnival sideshow sign 


Design Toscano has medieval, horror, moody pieces of every kind for the house and the garden.  If you need a sword holder, a knight in shining armor, or Victorian furnishings, you have found your heaven. They have gorgeous items of every variety for the home and yard. 

Back From the Grave is a great Halloween shop.  You can find costumes, props, decorations, skulls, and masks. Oh, the things you can do with Halloween!

Victorian/Steampunk Clothing