Water Has Memory!

- What you drink may become you - 

As a psychometrist, I've always known that objects hold information; emotions, memories, visions.  My very obsession with rain, fog, snow, pools, ponds, lakes, streams, drinking water, water of all kinds, now makes sense. Is there a place in our bodies perhaps for drinking water that has been treated with love? Peace? Health? The implications are vast.

This video below always makes me cry (in a good way) because it shows the way we leave an imprint with hate, violence, anger, regret, and anguish. It makes things ugly. It creates disorder and asymmetry. 

This had me trying an experiment. A simple one. A glass of water held in my hands, concentrating on a picture or closing my eyes and saying and thinking and recalling a feeling that is positive; love, hope, prosperity, health, healing... Then, taking sips as I concentrate on that word and emotion the entire time until the glass is emptied. I wasn't sure that alignment of water crystals symmetry would do anything particularly beneficial to the body, but the nourishment of all-important water entering my body, feeling it go down, concentrating on that positive thought, word and feeling, created the oddest sort of meditation. 

I have helped people through getting IV's and injections before, folks who were terribly afraid. I told them to not bear down against the needle, but breathe in and draw in the nourishment and healthy fluids and medicine, bring it in, invite it in, instead of resisting it like an invader. That changed the interaction completely. Drinking water with a conscious focus on it as nourishing and bringing in good changed the experience greatly. 

This has made me begin to consider everything I bring into my body, as it all has water content. Conscious eating and drinking with positive feelings and thoughts. What an interesting concept for most of us who wolf down our food and barely give it a glance and gulp down water while looking over the rim of the cup at television. 

On a parting note, this video puts another perspective on it - infrasound (a frequency too low for our ears to register) can have this effect on water. 

Do we have more effect on our environment than we ever knew?