Friday, August 15, 2014

Vlog Friday: Detecting Portals!

If you are investigating something paranormal and it seems like a "weird place" where a variety of things occur, consider going through my personal checklist for portal potential - 

Portal-Potential Checklist

Are there Bigfoot sightings in that area? Look it up online, see if any are listed.

Are there UFO sightings?  Look it up online, if anyone has reported UFOs there recently.

Don't forget to check shadow people and ghost sightings in that area, as well. The phenomena seems to bring with it an odd array of strangeness.

Wolf reports - any sightings of wolves in that area? The wolf seems to show up in these areas, sometimes reported as very large, or acting oddly.

Pay attention to reports of lost time, people being unable to move, wandering and dazed.

Are there sightings of spook lights in the woods? Look it up online, see if anyone has talked about it in that area.

Look the land up on Google Earth and look for oddities like circles on the ground.

Look up on and see if a lot of homeowners are selling in the area.

Go on foot and look the place over for signs of Bigfoot, twig symbols, X's, arches, and arrows. 

Look around the area, as well, for bones, especially if they seem arranged.

Try a compass in the area, see if it acts up.

Check into geology of that county. Find out what rock is in the ground.

Check geomagnetic storm activity (link to archives to look up the date and activity) on the days when activity happened.

A lot of these might be shots in the dark, but when you make a report that includes all these factors, you can start to look for commonalities and make predictions about the source of activity if it is dependent on certain conditions. 


  1. Do you think that it would be possible for a person to be able to create a portal? As if that person had the capability of opening/closing a portal near them no matter that person's location?

    1. Hi Jeanne. Here's how I see it - an individual has the power to experience an OBE - out of body experience. That would differ from opening a sort of doorway or wormhole to other realms. For that, I will quote Nikola Tesla, "“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” I believe the ancients knew there was a combination that was necessary that involved frequency, perhaps piezo electricity, stone structures, and other elements. Today's portals appear to be opened not from this side, but from the other side. We might open one if we knew how to use what the ancients knew, but otherwise, we seem to be at the mercy of how the "others" manage to do it and what they seem to need in order to produce a location for entry and exit. One of us homo sapiens individuals trying to do this, would probably only experience personal out of body transport, but not necessarily opening a doorway for others to come and go. I hope that explains it as best as I conceptualize it.