Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Turning Your Home Into a Fortress

Will you need to make your house an indestructible fortress? Well, if you believe in invasions, crime, desperate end of world scenarios or even zombies, it's something to consider. Here's some interesting tips for turning your home into a fortress.

Construction: If you can start from scratch, you can begin in the very architecture of the home, where it sits on the land, and strategic placement or protecting it by making it obscure, such as underground, within a hillside cave, on an island. Look at the examples above and below and think in terms of "hard to access"  One zombie-proof home has movable walls and an entrance that can only be utilized over a drawbridge upstairs. A home that is concrete with inner steel in a perfect cube shape with no toeholds and windows that can be shuttered with powerful metal or concrete shutters to be flat with the surface of the home makes it impossible to burn or penetrate. 

PRE-EXISTING HOME:  If your home is already standing and you want to work with what you have (keep in mind nosy HOAs and their rules), here are some simple features you can upgrade. 

Stainless steel doors.

Tempered glass windows.

Exterior shutters that roll down. 

Fencing (electric or topped with barbed wire).

Consider closed circuit cameras to monitor your compound.

Consider making it possible to block off the upstairs at the top of the staircase in order for you to have a second large area to retreat to and still escape from should the downstairs be compromised.

Safe room - a place in the house that is set up to lock yourself very securely within, hopefully without notice and including a monitoring system so you can see who is in your home and when they leave and to call out for help.

Surviving an onslaught is one thing, but there are necessities as well, water, sewage, food, medicine, potential power sources, communications, transportation, et cetera. 

Having a supporting system that can keep you alive and supplies is as important as fortifying the structure because you won't last long without clean water and food, capability to grow more food, to manage waste, to have medicine and weapons.  

Building a fortress is a start, but being able to hunker down and actually remain there until things chill out is another enormous project that keeps many "preppers" very preoccupied.

Fortifying your house just for day to day safety is a fine concept including weapons, alarms, smash-resistant glass, and steel doors. You might just consider this Fortress Lite, but it is more than adequate for a non-apocalyptic existence.
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