QUIZ: What Genre of Halloween Costume is Best For You?

I haven't done my famous quizzes lately. Let's enjoy a fun one - finding out what genre of Halloween costume is best for you.

Pick A, B, C or D for the questions. Whichever letter you have the most of, that's your costume. If for some hairy reason you get 2 As, 2 Ds and a C, say, look at the C answer and pick the next best answer - A or D, to break the tie.  Scroll way down and find out what you should be! 

1.  When I was a kid, I tended to daydream about - 
a.  Being a detective and solving a mystery.
b.  Finding a buried treasure.
c.  Being famous for inventing or discovering something.
d.  What was under the bed or in the closet at night.

2.  If I get to pick my vacation spot, I'd choose - 
a.  A haunted B&B
b.  A beach bungalow.
c.  Historical English tour.
d.  Salem, Massachusetts.

3.  I tend to wear more - 
a.  Gray, brown, khaki.
b.  Blue, purple, green, yellow, pink.
c.  Navy blue, black, charcoal.
d.  Black, red, white.

4.  The best setting for a horror novel is - 
a.  A dark forest in Romania.
b.  A castle above the cliffs.
c.  A mad scientist's laboratory.
d.  An abandoned mortuary. 

5.  Shows I loved the most - 
a.  Munsters, Scooby Doo, Addam's Family.
b.  I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Six Million Dollar Man.
c.  Carol Burnett Show, In Search Of, Twilight Zone.
d.  Dark Shadows, Outer Limits, Night Gallery. 

Now, add up your As, Bc, Cs and Ds and see what you have the most of, scroll down and find out your genre of Halloween costume!

A.  Classic monsters: Frankenstein, Vampire, Werewolf.
B.  Romantic character: Gypsy, Pirate, Victorian Era, Phantom of the Opera
C.  Historical/dead celeb character:  Abe Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Di, Nikola Tesla.
D.  Horrifying:  Zombie, murder victim, demon.


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