Proud Owner of Inovio!

Inovio is a company that has me so impressed, I am seriously invested and in it for the long. They are building up the future of pharma companies with the new line of preventative and curative DNA vaccines. 

This is a new line of study in medicine and Inovio has won many honors including Vaccine of the Year. The objective is to use your own body and your T-cells to help you fight off viruses and cancers. Ultimately, this would rid us of chemo and radiation, cure people with HIV, Hep C, HPV, pandemics, you name it. Eventually, the goal would be to work this into aiding people with autoimmune diseases as well. 

What an amazing world! 

They just finished phase II on cervical dysplasia and HPV. The results exceeded their expectations and I highly suspect it goes further than that, once the peer review releases the details. In fact, the CEO just bought yet another 250,000 shares following the study and he has millions of shares - never sold one share. In fact, none of the directors have sold their shares, but continue to accumulate. 

The company has a huge pipeline of studies going on, associations with major universities, and all the accolades and brilliant single-minded direction you want in a company that will be the future of medicine! 

As a survivor of cancer, I'm proud to invest, but as someone who is particular about due diligence and a company impressing me, I am thrilled to invest in the future, invest in my retirement and do it with a company I believe in more than any I've ever come across. 

NOTE:  I will never read or have anything to do with TheStreet and its associate company CNBC. Repeatedly inflammatory pieces have been placed by one of their "reporters" with "coincidental" timing on TheStreet in regards to this particular company. Just today, they reported Inovio's insider activity and made mention of a modest purchase of stock by a director and did not mention that same day the CEO bought 250,000 shares of the stock! This kind of activity makes me sick and I am boycotting TheStreet and CNBC and any entity associated with them, as they cannot be trusted to be objective and unbiased or even accurate!