Sunday, August 31, 2014

Patterson Full-Length Film: Priceless

Lots of people don't believe this is authentic, but thanks to the work of astrophotograper and film/video expert, MK Davis, the first to stabilize the actual film and elucidate great details with amazing clarity, it's hard to refute the reality of this film, the proportions and details.

What is questionable is what happened to the beginning of the reel of film and the ending. On an interview for Monsterquest, Bob Gimlin said that Roger Patterson ran out of film while filming Patty. That's all well and good, but Patterson didn't start filming her at the end of a roll. What was at the beginning? And, why don't we see the actual film roll end? Why cut it neatly at the beginning at the bolting of the horse when surely the camera was on before it bolted? Every frame of Patty that was captured was a precious moment in time, including before and after she was on film. 

This is part of what has made the legitimacy of the film questionable all these decades. When people put reported Bigfoot video up on YouTube and it is edited to just the moment they saw it to the moment it disappeared, we are left with a greater question -- what was edited out? 

If the film is authentic, then the entire full length should have been given to the public to see that they had not edited out many "takes" of the same scene, or comings and goings of an actor in a costume. 

Whoever might possess this full-length film is sitting on the one piece of evidence that could either add legitimacy to the event, shed light on how it all went down, or expose a hoax. 

But wouldn't the public be angry at someone who withheld the film all these years?  

Let's consider a similar situation - a person who comes forward decades after a UFO incident and reports that they worked for the government and were not supposed to talk about it. They say they felt threatened or their families were threatened. We don't get angry at them, we are relieved that someone was brave enough to come forward finally. And, consequently, the government can hardly go after them or their families now that they are in the public arena. 

The truth will come out by one of the people or their heirs and that will leave a deceased person not able to defend his reasoning. It will also leave us to continue to battle over the legitimacy of the film.

I cannot imagine how priceless this film is in its entirety - the whole roll without splicing. How much would you pay to own a copy of a certified and verified DVD made from the unedited and unspliced film from that fateful journey into the Northern California woods in 1967?

Yup. That's one priceless DVD!


  1. Sharon...

    Very nice work...from two of my favorite folks..

    live and let live...


  2. Sharon - If I am not mistaken, the footage that was taken just prior to the famous Patty segment does exist, and does not appear to be suspicious at all. It is simply some uneventful footage of Roger and Bob packing up the horses, riding out to the general area on Bluff Creek where they had heard there was activity. Several of us were privileged to have seen this preliminary footage, the existence of which was unknown to most bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers, as it is privately owned and does not really offer any earth-shaking insights into the key events of that day. It was presented by Bill Munns at a small event that was held at Mike Rugg's Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA, a couple years ago. Dr.Jeff Meldrum was among the participants and can confirm this.