Saturday, August 9, 2014

My YouTube Channel

I have a very eclectic YouTube Channel, psychic62 (Sharon Day) 

When I make road trips, explore abandoned sites, and go to interesting para-events, I like to share it with folks. But, I also have a ridiculous sense of humor and playfulness, so I have 2-beer budget movies, mocking a movie in under 3 minutes on a budget of only 2 beers - 

There are a series of Dale the Doll videos. Dale is the ventriloquist doll who has been my sidekick on this blog for 6 years. He lives with me, "The Human," but he creates havoc all the time. 

There are candlelight tales in which I enjoy a glass of wine, some candles, and tell a story. 

I have a lot of good slideshows of abandoned places, graveyards, and share a lot of road trip antics.

There is a great mix up of all kinds of things to get caught up in and I have plans to start working on some under-5-minute mini documentaries and such, so be ready.

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