Creepy Facebook Pages For Halloween and Horror Lovers

Halloween Yard Haunters
Love this page to pieces!!! These are all those fun people in your neighborhood who take Halloween as the sacred holiday that it should be and create super haunts to frighten and delight. They make animatronix pieces, custom art works, costuming, makeup, sound... you name it!  And they share the love and the pics and tips and tricks for everyone.

Hauntingly Horrific Finds
This page is set up to share everything creepy and spooky, fiction and movies, art and whatever is hauntingly horrific.

Garage of Evil
A fantastic network for people who like to build Halloween haunting props to share their work and how they did it. 

Classic Horror Films
This is a fantastic place to share favorite gems with others and talk about the classics, learn about ones you didn't know about, and get into the romantic ambiance of the genre.

Tips and tricks for bringing in the season. 

Homemade (DIY) Halloween Props
A supportive group for helping each other make new props.

Back From the Grave

This is for the fantastic online store that has the most original Halloween props ever. 

Scary, Haunted, Abandoned Houses
For those who love the unloved homes with dark histories or abandoned halls.

Screams in the Dead of Night
Supernatural and all things spooky and scary.


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