Saturday, August 16, 2014

Atomic Mannequins

There's something surreal about human stand-ins for nuclear testing. Something as pretty and pleasant as a happy mannequin used to sell us clothing suddenly being singed, twisted, and blown apart is disturbing.

For those of us who find beauty in the macabre, they are also works of art from a period of time that was on the cusp of worst world destruction threat and yet so damned wholesome in appearance. 

These contrasts do not go unnoticed in these photos -

It's a statement about mankind that in the 50s, during our greatest growth as a nation, building of our infrastructure for family road trips across country, wholesome living, the reality of everyone being able to own a home and a car, and all the values of family and country, we were busy testing weapons of mass destruction. 

Perhaps these pictures are more poignant when you observe the makeshift "happy life" about to be bombarded. 

For more cool info on the mannequins - check this cool posting. 

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