Why We Can't Get Proof Of Paranormal Activity

As humans reality to us comes through our five pretty basic and not so keen senses, knowledge, belief systems, experience, and the way our brains process. But in some instances, man can transcend the "trained reality" and see another reality - through the use of hallucinogenics, astral projection, sleep state, even religious encounters such as healings or speaking in tongues. 

What if our reality curtain drops occasionally under the right conditions and we glimpse another reality? Might this be the reason we have trouble capturing proof of the para-realm, because it cannot be recorded other than perceived by humans? 

Are we chasing after the spirit world with electrician's tools with as much efficacy as trying to take a turkey's temperature with a radar gun?

Possibly our only way to make contact and to perceive, observe and experiment with the para-realm is through the use of the human mind and other unnamed senses it uses that we have yet to understand the working of. 

We know our pineal gland begins our dream state for us, we know where in our brain we have hallucinations, but what is the catalyst and how is it controlled? Hormonal? Vibratory? Some unseen energy we have yet to understand is ours to utilize? 

Noetic Sciences:  A multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experiences.

Our reality - 

Psychoenergetics - 

Noetic sciences - 

(odds on this psychic testing above 1.4 to 1. 
My score at the top 58 to 1). 

The Boundary Institute and Dean Radin, PhD at the Institute of Noetic Sciences have been working on the numbers of randomness and odds at this site above and I strive to do regular testing of my PSI skills there to learn the mind/body (what I can only call vibrational) sensation when I get correct answers. I have learned much about that connection within me to be able to raise my odds and be more accurate with the psychic information I receive.

As unreliable as a human witness is, we are the ones that report these encounters and it might be the very element that makes us so cognizant and soulful that makes us a better receiving and interpreting tool for the other realm(s). 

As discussed in videos above, it begins with some practices that can help you take a journey into the mind that you often ignore, to intuit, to tap your soul and universal understanding. It may be prayer, meditation, yoga, or any other task that brings you closer to the "knowing" side of yourself. 

It is my theory that those of us who grew up either ignored or left to our own devices, who didn't look to others for company or guidance, tended to know how to turn inward and keep ourselves company, to explore and be alone with ourselves without being uncomfortable at it. When you can inner direct, you develop better skills for intuition. Introverts are terribly aware and social butterflies and those in superficial highways of other-directed goal-setting and competitiveness do not understand that aspect of their mind and gut and, in fact, often hate to be alone. It's as if they do not exist without being reflected in interactions with others.

I'm hoping to see a movement in the research/scientific realm that is like what we have seen with music and art, independents! I want to see the rebel researchers getting funding from open-minded sources, away from the control of government  universities and hopefully finally answer the question of what is the paranormal realm, what are psychic skills, how do they work and how can we control them? 

We are a long way off from finding equipment that can capture or prove ghosts, but we are a much shorter trek to enlightenment.


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