Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why I Fear Humans More Than Sasquatch

(Art work above by Thomas Finley)

On the subject of Sasquatch, I often hear people repeating the mass media's impression of Sasquatch, that they are dangerous, they are gorilla-like, they will eat you. These are the same kinds of ridiculousness as what they did to witchcraft in the 70s movies mixing it up with devil worship. 

Do not get your education from television portrayals.

I work with logic. Logic says that we have coexisted always and they do not under any circumstances want to deal with us in any way. We go into their woods and party, shoot guns where they are raising children, camp out, and ride loud ATVs and still they do not confront us.

I am honestly more nervous around us short hairless ones; we have wars, weapons, and regular killing and stealing.

I always look at actions to tell me true intentions. I do that of other researchers I am wary of - they say one thing, do another, want a certain reputation, hang with the bad guys - I watch what they actually do, not what they say to learn their true content.

When it comes to Sasquatch, watch what they do to learn their true intent. Even with all that power and strength, they do not wish to cause war. We have much to learn.

Coming this summer, a new series will be on GHT. It is the chronicling by a researcher I highly respect who has been doing an ongoing study of what could be called an Urban Sasquatch location. There is much to be learned about techniques and reality of studying Sasquatch.

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