Friday, July 18, 2014

Vlog Friday: How Did Man Lose Ancient Knowledge?

Today's Vlog deals with How did man lose his ancient knowledge?

Why did we lose ancient knowledge?

Expect a Friday Vlog on this subject, but suffice to say - A woman cooked the family ham the same way every year - she cut the top off of it, put the special family recipe dry rub on it, cooked it in the oven and it was perfect every time. She had watched her mother when she was growing up and knew the routine well.
One year, she visited her elderly mother and said, "mom, I was just curious, why does your ham recipe taste so good because you cut the top off?"

The mother laughed. "Child, I cut the top off the ham because it didn't fit into our oven."

If an ancient homo sapiens found a computer, he might use it as a table. He did not earn the earlier knowledge that led up to the ability to make a computing device that is electronic. We did not earn the basic earth knowledge our much earlier evolved cousins did. Our "Native" People found monuments and saw the giants interact with "magical skills" and did not know anything other than to try and imitate round rock structures and perhaps if we were lucky, they would emit sound and create situations. We were playing with toys that a culture that was hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us understood the basics of. In other words, we missed Earth Basics 101 courses.

That's it in a nutshell.

We didn't earn the knowledge. Kind of like you and I using computers and driving cars that we do not understand how they were built or how they work. If they broke down and those with knowledge of how they work were long gone, we would be screwed.

We never lost ancient knowledge, it was never ours.

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