The Secrets To Detecting Spirit Energy Explained!

Why aren't ya where I left ya?

I had a whole chapter in the end of my book "Growing Up With Ghosts" that covered the pact my family made to haunt my childhood home which was a very haunted location and retired Civil War hospital.

Since that time, 4 of the members and one dear family friend, a professor at George Mason University in the History Department, vowed to haunt the place and even told me where they would be.

Father was going to be in the pantry room doorway to the kitchen where he used to like to stand and cross his arms and wait for me to launch into his arms from across the room. Mom would be in her corner chair in the living room where she sat and researched all the time. My sister Tina was going to be in her old bedroom upstairs and Scott was going to be in the small bedroom that was his room most of the time there.

I recently made a pilgrimage and was shocked. Mom was in her chair as she should have been, but everyone else was somewhere I didn't expect. Tina was in the music room. Scott was in the art room, the professor was at the doorway to the library and as I rounded the corner in the basement, I was startled to death by the sudden wash of my father's energy where his workbench used to be!

When I rounded the corner in that video above, I had something more in tune than others - I translate "energy" in a way that forms an image for easier understanding and recognition.  

I'm going to teach you this secret today and explain how I recognized my father's energy. 

Psychics use the word "energy" a lot because it's something fluid and dynamic interpreted by the body and mind as it interprets any active input.  A psychic is only as good at interpreting as his/her knowledge and life experience for a frame of reference. However, in the case of reading someone you know and love, this is easier - they are a subject you are well acquainted with and recognize their components. 

We all feel this energy, we simply never knew it was at play. You have to slow down and realize it when you encounter it. Hopefully, I can help on that matter.

Here's how I see the whole process:  We each put out a signature energy or wave formation around us that is picked up by a sense we called the sixth sense, or the intuitive (a process still not understood by science as to where this sensory input goes in and how it is interpreted), but can be recognized by us as "bad vibes" or "heebie jeebies," magnetic" or "repellent," "static" or "dynamic," "soft" or "hard," "fuzzy" or "prickly," "male" or "female, "good" or "bad," etc. 

I knew my father's "energy" immediately and I break it down with adjectives:
"navy blue" (as a visual) - some folks create a scent or color, musical note or texture - more on this below.

You can learn to read energies to the point that if someone you love is nearby or thinking about you, you know it, or if they pass on, you know when you encounter them. You don't need special skills. It's all built into your body and mind over your decades of putting down neural pathways and making associations. Every encounter with someone locked a set of "feelings" and "visuals," "sensory input" and "nostalgia" that is forever tagged to that person in your memory bank.

We have many nuances to how we come to conclusions based on subtle things like body language, mood, hormones, strongly held beliefs, and even physical reactions and we may not quite understand what is making our decisions for us, but more than likely it culminates in the intuitive after all inputs are gathered.

"Finding Their Adjectives"

Sit down and turn off music/TV that might evoke emotions that are not present with the person you are going to focus on. Be in a neutral environment. 

Choose a target person - living or dead - who is very close to you or was very close to you.

Put a pad of paper on your lap and a pen and be prepared to write on it with eyes closed when the words come to you.

Now, close your eyes and think about this person, "remember" him/her. Remember their voice, their face, things you've done together, all kinds of memories. 

Feel what goes on with your body, your breathing, your visuals, your senses. Do you have a tightened left fist? Are you holding your breath? Do you feel warm? Do you get a sense of light and floating or weight and solid ties to the ground? Do you imagine flutes or wind? Colors or scents? What are the nostalgic sensory ties???

Scratch down single words that describe - "tingling," "dancing," "fluid," "bumpy," "hot," "sour," "colorful," "bright," "orange," "tangy...." Whatever words seem to come to mind while recalling this person. Write as many descriptive words as you want, but do not force them. If you cannot think of another word, stop and open your eyes and look at your list.

I can culminate all those adjectives of my dad into one single item that helps me recall all that was "him." Dad was - resonating, cold, deep, ancient, bright and navy blue - He is the wind whistling through a dark shadowy fiord with ocean crashing below.  In fact, recently a friend sent me a video of Norway and I was watching it and started sobbing. I wasn't sure what was happening to me, but every scene of the navy blue ocean and the deep fiords had me grieving. This is why. These feelings are not out of the blue, they are tied to something elemental. Once you learn your elements, you understand yourself better. 

We are working on a lesson about reading energy, but also it will result in a lesson about you and your mind's storage and associations, emotional ties and even things you didn't realize might be affecting your life for symbolic reasons, like your mother being soft, pale, happy, energetic and your present-day obsession with white dogs or, depending on the grief process, aversion to white dogs because they make you sad. 

Our minds are wondrous things. Just imagine the scent of Coppertone or smell of chlorine and try not to think of summertime. This is how we categorize our loved one's souls in our minds and bodies!  We are about associations and interpretation - it is in that aspect of our mind that we are linked psychically.

Now, take those adjectives and find a visual or even a song or scent or texture that ties them all together for you. You will know it when you find it. It will be symbolic and it will embody all those words. Over time, you can put these associations in a photo album or book. You will come to know if your best friend, Betty, is about to contact you because you will feel "soft blanket over the chest," or hear the tune "I'm On Top Of the World," or see "butterflies and rainbows." 

When you think you have the description that sums up all the adjectives, sit down, close your eyes, think of that person and think of that descriptive and see if they click for you. See if they relate and resonate. If you found the right one, you should feel identical in your body and mind when you imagine the person as when you imagine their "symbolic association." 

I can sit and close my eyes and think of my father and think of a fiord and they resonate exactly balanced - identical feeling in my mind, body, heart and soul.  

Now try and give yourself a collage or a movie clip, a song, or other that can refresh that person in your body, mind, soul, and heart. You should be unable to untie the associations with the person. Now, you will always recognize their energy when you encounter it.

When I rounded that corner in the basement, I didn't see a stone whitewashed wall, I felt a fiord with thundering water on rocks and ancient winds and cold, power and harmonics. Something familiar that was father. 

When you practice this with people you know, you are developing both your ability to find and define energy. Eventually, your interpretive skills will include those you do not know when you are in a place and are bombarded with sensations and visuals, deja vu and other such inputs. You will learn to pull them all together and make an evaluation about their content and be able to "read" the person who was there.

The mind is great at collating, sifting, filing, making associations, and generally getting input from numerous sources (recognized and unrecognized). We are all psychic. Some of us just haven't plucked at those strings in the mind - and these exercises should help. When you see a psychic working at interpretation, you are seeing someone taking cues such as "black," "cracked," "smoky," "masculine," "1960s" and trying to figure out what all those come together to mean. 

Interpretation is about 90% of the psychic process. Bad interpretations make for bad reads. You can feel someone is a peer and assume they are a sister or you can go further and find out what good friends feel like compared to sisters to differentiate these peers and take the read to a more accurate level.  A psychic is, once again, only as good as his/her life experience, knowledge, and ability to reference and differentiate and then interpret. 

You can also learn more about how you feel in your body and mind when you are close to spirit energy by testing your psychic skills regularly, even if you do not think you are psychic. Go to GOTPSI and test daily if you can and take note of the feeling you have when you make a right answer. There is a synchronicity and when you feel that in an environment, you can know that your senses are truthful.

You will learn, over time to recognize spirit energy and you will know because it gives you a certain tone in your mind and body that resonates familiar, receiving visuals, words, sounds, smells, and feels. The only way to truly develop any skill is practice. 

Experiment for your team

Make a map of a building. Give one map to each person and a pen. Send each person in alone to mark an x on the map anywhere they run into a feeling of some kind of weird energy or odd sensation. Have them put the map away in their pocket, send in the next person. No one speaks or shares. Do your investigation of the building and when you are done, pull out those maps and compare with each other and with any activity that occurred in the building. This is a great experiment to see just how attuned people are and how very good we are finding those spots. You will be amazed how many people are spot on and never knew they had such skills.

It's my absolute belief that psychic is not rare and unusual like being redheaded. It is a part of a set of sensory input that is an "extra" sense.  It depends on some five sensory input and a way of assigning within the mind to make connections and we utilize it so readily, we don't even know that it's an active sense. These sorts of exercises help us to turn and focus on that sense and recognize it and utilize it more purposefully instead of instinctively.

Most of all, I'd like people to realize that we are there to witness and to archive, not to become, so no matter what energies you encounter, they are from another time/person and they are not yours. You are there to simply recognize that they once were and learn from it and move on. More on this on next Friday's Vlog.