Technologically Amazing Pyramids Found in Ecuador

The Hummingbird Pyramid in La Mana, Ecuador was only discovered a year ago and considered a paleo-sanskrit wonder.  The complex includes 17 structures.  Interestingly, they greatly resembles ones found in Bosnia, Indonesia, Herzegovina.

From this great posting about it: The apex of the Hummingbird Pyramid is situated closely along the 1° south latitude, 7,472 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. This sacred geopositioning relationship between the Great Pyramid and the La ManĂ¡ pyramid complex was visually expressed in the designs of the UV fluorescent Third-Eye Pyramid and World Map stone artifacts.  A pair of palm-sized octagonal stone disks engraved with UV fluorescent circles reference the mandala of Sanskrit tradition that has been decoded in previous works as the quantum iterated function, expressing the global distribution pattern of infrasound, standing waves.

A great deal of research needs to be made, but obviously, this interesting find says much about the ancient civilization of highly intelligent people who once inhabited the earth.


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