Sunday, July 27, 2014

Playing Fair in the Paranormal Arena

Here's how I see the field of study. We are hopefully driven to pursue the unexplained because of our own encounters or our intelligent minds that want to understand something hard to grasp. 

If one enters the field for celeb status, to secure a show, to get attention, those are all the wrong reasons. That is not about the study. That is about the self.  

This will show up in what the person does - from ranting, raving, blaming others, airing issues with colleagues in the public realm.  

The way you comport yourself as a researcher says if you are in this for research or ego, if you are immature or mature, if you are ready to be part of a growing body of research and knowledge as a collective, or you see yourself as an island. Remember, even an island needs a bridge. 

I have seen many attacks by petty self-absorbed people who show their true character when they do this.  If I see a supposed researcher repeatedly bad mouthing others, pointing fingers, blaming others, and generally showing high degrees of self pity, I see that kid on the playground that everyone backed away from because of fits of pique. I know that whatever they do to others, they will at some point turn and do to me, probably the first time I say "no" to them. I avoid them like the plague, and so should others.

Research and securing knowledge is a cooperative. It means a partnership and sharing among us. We will not begin to understand the para-realms until we share knowledge. Two people studying the same site and not sharing information about it, are going to miss very important repetitive features that might give great evidence to a concept.

This is the purpose of Ghost Hunting Theories. To open minds and enlighten and share knowledge so others may take off with it and run.  

Remember, your actions say as much as your words.

Why not spend a bit of time helping out fellow researchers? Daily, I participate in reposting people's events and their book releases, reviewing their books, encouraging and even showing people how to publish on Kindle and Nook, putting up ads for free on my blog, and wishing them all the best luck, retweeting, brainstorming, sharing research, offering tips, and more. 

Why would I encourage other authors in the field to write books when I write books? Because, I cannot write their books. They are writing a different book than I write. They are not competition, they are sharing knowledge with a broad audience and I applaud them putting all their thoughts and research into one focus of a book. I wish them well and hope that they find success or at least compliments that reassure them they are on the right track. 

I don't understand the need to tear others apart instead of creating the world you want to be in. If you want a world with dignity, intelligence, and compassion, freaking live it and be it.

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  1. Very well put, if paranormal groups would come together and share knowledge, we might have an answer to the paranormal. I have seen several groups attack each other on Facebook which is very unprofessional and gives the paranormal field a bad name. There are so many people out there that need help but see the petty fights and name calling, they don't know who to turn to anymore. Also, groups intimidate people who need help by thinking they are not as important as the famous haunted places these groups show and fight over. The paranormal field needs to take a step back and start helping those who need it which is what I thought it was all about. The paranormal groups do need to come together as I said and maybe the answer to the other side may be closer to solve.