Friday, July 11, 2014

Netflix Streaming For Para-Geeks

Here are just some of the para-geek favorite subjects documentaries and shows on Netflix streaming right now. Fill up your list and enjoy!


Mind of a Rampage Killer:  Study of why people would be mass killers.
Science of Evil:  Evil is studied, both psychologically and spiritually.


Secrets of the Dead: Lost In the Amazon:  A 1925 expedition to find a mythical City of Z. 
Secrets: A Viking Map? Is the supposed Vinland map genuine? It suggests the Vikings came to America 50 years before Columbus.


Skeleton, Inc:  A documentary about an odd family that makes their living stripping flesh from human and animal bones.
Extreme Bodies:  A documentary showcasing many different forms human bodies can take. 


Tesla: Master Of Lightning:  A documentary about the great mind of Nikola Tesla. 
Decoding Neanderthals:  After uncovering the genetic code of Neanderthals, scientists begin to see how they differed from homo sapiens. 


Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby? Unraveling the mystery of Lindbergh's baby who was kidnapped and the crime unsolved.
Pompeii: Back From the Dead:  Uncovering the city frozen in time from a volcano eruption 2000 years ago.
Mystery of Easter Island:  Challenging previous thinking about the origins of Easter Island.


Bermuda Triangle Exposed:  Uncovering the stories of missing ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle.
The Afterlife Investigations:  A group of mediums and scientists work on unraveling the afterlife. 
The Hidden Hand:  A documentary about the government's hiding of information about aliens and visitations.
Cropsey:  One of my favorite para-documentaries about an abandoned mental asylum, unsolved missing children, a potential serial killer, and the ghosts within.


Ancient X-Files:  Investigators who decide to delve into huge ancient mysteries.
The Pyramid Code:  This documentary asks how ancients were so advanced.
Chariots of the Gods:  Documentary uncovering ancient evidence of possible alien visitation.
Stonehenge Decoded:  New evidence and theories as to its origins.


Forgotten Planet:  Great series about abandoned towns.
Abandoned America:  A few abandoned towns are showcased.


Ghost Lab:  Team tests ghost theories.
Finding Bigfoot:  Team searching for evidence of Sasquatch.
Destination Truth:  Team going around the world in search of creepy mysteries.


  1. Wow... just how geeky I must be; I have seen everyone of those you listed and loved them all!

    1. Hee hee - now that's a good para-geek! Me too. I wish they had even more.

  2. I'm a huge gerk for paranormal investigation shows. Love all copies f them. Wish they had more on.