Saturday, July 19, 2014

Life Found Under Antarctica!

Lake Vostok in Antarctica has been closed off 2-1/2 miles down and millions of years. Locked away below the ice with no sunlight for millions of years and air temperatures of around -128 degrees Fahrenheit. No chance there's life, right


Over 3500 forms of life have been found there with recognizable forms, but also a whole group of novel life forms. There were forms of bacteria and multi-cell organisms, but also potential mollusk relatives and maybe even fish, though researchers are hesitant to proclaim that.

Some are making a correlation with the conditions on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter that has similar conditions. They are using the odd logic, however, that for life to exist down there, it would have had to have started on the moon and moved down into its icy waters, but I'm not certain there's any logic in that. If I recall right, these same scientists said life started in the sea here....

This amazing find has shed more light on how life can happen in burning hot volcanic outlets in oceans, some of the worst dry and nasty climates of our earth, and now under a 2-1/2 mile polar cap with no light.

For a great source for more info on the life forms found there - go here. 

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