Gothic Scents For Every Personality

I am enamored of Gothic Rosary. This company knows its scents and knows its audience! I like to promote people doing what they were meant to do and giving products and services and art that we cannot get any other way than independently.

There are a lot of ways to use these scents in projects. I am taking one of the lucky scents and soaking a cottonball and putting it inside my business card holder. It makes all the cards hold a mysterious lingering scent that immediately evokes a feeling in the person who takes it. It is a subtle and subliminal way of being remembered and giving someone instant feelings of either comfort or curiosity.

"Can't Wait Demeter"
Surround Demeter, as she longs for Persephone to return from Hades...
Verdict:  Some exotic salon in Europe and the scent is ancient, modern, sophisticated at the same time. I have deja vu of suntan lotion and pomegranate in a way that makes me feel safe and like I'm home in a bright, sunny abode with clean surfaces and Scandinavian furnishings.

"Amber Addiction"
Intoxicatingly warm and smooth you surrender to a golden habit knowing what resin catches it keeps.
Verdict:  Grandpa's trunk, old bookstore with polished wood and dark cool recesses, sea captain's abode.
Masculine and sentimental, comforting.

Black clothing & dark streets...The smell of clove mixed with patchouli & nag champa...
Verdict:  Hippie smoke shop, a seriously goth scent, not shy about it. Just dark and mysterious, silent, and stalking.

The smell of musk and other incenses of darkness.
Verdict:  A mysterious woman enters an incense and tarot card reading shop, shaking the rain from her black cape and leaving the scent of incense and rain, mystery and darkness.

"Black Wings"
Ebony amber offers no escape for light. Air stirred with musk tinged by clove, absorbed you drift as far as fate will allow.
Verdict:  Circle of stones, faint sound of chanting, scent of the feelings evoked dancing naked in moonlight and evoking the spirits of ancients.


Mysterious, enchanting...smell the rich blend of ancient spices, earthy musk, soulful sandalwood & velvety vanilla beans.
Verdict:  Youth, endless energy, racing through a rain soaked path in the woods, reveling in the sunlight, chasing fairies from their hidden homes.

"Tea and Sympathy"
Quiet, warm and sweet.  The smell of a nice pot of tea, sweet treats, and roses.
Verdict: Gypsy caravan, pot of hot tea, biscuits, and the lingering background scent of ancient knowledge and generations of psychic talents.

Floral and fruit notes delight, sweet musk, sensations exhilarate, whispers of spice, gently linger.
Verdict:  Reveling in a grape arbor on a warm and humid day, savoring sweet fruit, sticky, satiated, and berry reddened lips.

"Vanilla Hell" 
Toasted to a nice brown as if spending just enough time but not over staying its welcome.
Verdict:  Vanilla-scented pillow, comfortable, warm, engulfing, cloud of dreams.

Soft, warm and earthy...the smell of cannabis swirled with patchouli and sandalwood incense.
Verdict:  Goth on a rain-laden street, laced in fog, cutting through it confidently and leaving a puzzling scent of mystery, earth and sky.

"Season's Greetings"
A classic commerical Christmas scent ...pines, fruits and sweets.
Verdict:  Bing Crosby, traditional Christmas, sentimental and cozy.

Cursedly magnificent contrast, crisp clean meets fruity, floral, yet are not lost in the exotic charms of incense spices.
Verdict:  The sun breaking through the last of the hurricane clouds, warming the air cleaned by the destruction.

"Seattle Rain"
Clean and Fresh. The smell of a down pour, a hint of the ocean, and mountains.
Verdict:  Cool rain on cobblestones with a slight shiver of delight racing up your spine.

"Fairy Wings"
Delicate, clean and sweet...The smell of warm sunlight, fresh cucumber, and ripe blackberry.
Verdict:  Antique shop with a berry pie cooling in the window, butterflies flitting at the flowers outside and all is magical and peaceful.

Green and floral. The smell of rich loamy soil, fresh green grass, and a hint of floral.
Verdict:  Dew-laden grass underfoot as you weave your way between ancient headstones, gazing at the glistening flowers left behind and tracing your fingers over the lips of a cherub.

"Gothic Rose" 
Blood red roses...The smell of unfurled deep crimson petals.
Verdict:  The Grand Dame who ruled the turn-of-the-century theater, sweeping into the party, in a lingering scent of roses from her admirers and the wood floors of the stage.

Burnt bits and smoldering embers... The smell of smoke mixed with woods and spice...
Verdict:  Masculine - cabin with a dying fire in the hearth, wet boots at the entry and a brandy of snifter on the table.

"Wasted Youth"
Flower petals burn in rich resins, while a stand out scent of orange melds with imported savory spices.I recall my wasted youth.
Verdict:  Running like pagans on a summer's night, owning the alleyways and parks, gathering moonlight and burning time as if it had no value.

"Dead on Chocolate"
Close your eyes...smell the rich dark chocolate, everyone loves chocolate, wear this and see...
Verdict:  Warm, homey, melting, chocolate in a pot, beckoning you to lick the spoon while it's still warm.

"Funeral Flowers"
Beautiful flowers, and sweet memories... The smell of blossoms and calming vanilla, lay gracing the grave of the dearly departed.
Verdict:  Wreath of flowers, fine calligraphy on a mourning card, a silent dignified parlor of marble and vaulted ceilings.


Wonderfully tempting...the smell of supple black leather and fresh tobacco...
Verdict:  Faster, smarter, higher, brighter, manic and driven - in a completely different realm and a vibration that tickles everyone's curiosity.

After reviewing all these scents, I decided my business cards would smell like - "Can't Wait Demeter." Expect me to find lots of uses for the other scents. I tested them on my skin and I had no reaction, so this is exciting. I can be many characters with one tiny dot of scent depending on my moods.