Dust Storm - Haboob!

Here in Phoenix, dust storms or "Haboobs" are an early July fact of life. After 122 days without measurable rain, on the third of July, we got a little pre-4th sky show - a Haboob that was perhaps the greatest one I've ever witnessed in over 30 years in the Southwest!

Within seconds, it was upon us, everything was bright orange and once it hit, the sky went dark like the strongest eclipse and everything was cast in blood red. It looked like we were on Mars. The end of the world. 

A storm that had gone through Tucson, collapsed. When that happened, it pushed winds over open desert between Tucson and Phoenix and with so many months of drought, there was a helluva lot of dust to blow at us with super high winds, breaking trees and making things into projectiles. The roadways were filled with downed limbs and trees.

Once it was over us, everything went blood red, like a worst eclipse and the intense color washed through the house, making it look like a surreal moon setting.

Dust storms are beautiful and intense, but also dangerous. They carry a fungus in the soil that can cause a respiratory illness referred to as "Valley Fever." 

So, indoors is the way to enjoy the show.


  1. Yep, being indoors is the only place to be when a dust storm like that hits. Pretty scary stuff.


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