Thursday, July 3, 2014

Black-Eyed Children Terrifying Citizens!

(above: my own black-eyed children mirror - instructions at the end of this post)

Black-eyed children are generally a newer phenomena. They generally involve a scenario of a helpless child or youth who requests either entry into your home or car, or some kind of aid. 

But, there is something almost soulless about this person and when they look at you, you realize their eyes are all wrong, no whites to them, no pupils, just pure black. The sense of evil and terror, all things bad and foreboding accompanies the encounters to the point that folks are terrified and flee.

What are black-eyed children and why are they showing up now?

I have a theory. (You know I always have a theory)

The interesting thing is that shadow people come with an identical sense of threat, doom, and as if "all bad things that can happen or ever have happened are occurring simultaneously" (as one witness reported to me who was a skeptic about EVERYTHING until he encountered one). 

Usually when one sees a shadow person, the shadow person startles as if he didn't know you could see him and then rushes away or disappears. They seem to have had unlimited access to our realm until we began to change and perceive them. 

One theory is that our eyes pick them up easier since we use computer and TV screens with high speed screen refreshing capabilities and perhaps our vision has encountered a depth perception in a realm we didn't know about before.

Any way you look at it, these two phenomena seem similar - both want to be near us, both don't want us to know what they are. Perhaps if we look at this with my theory in mind, it will make more sense. 

Theory:  If you were a being that was devoid of all light and detail, knew that people in our realm could see you, but wanted to be among us (for whatever unknown reason - observation??) wouldn't you consider donning an "Edgar Suit" ("Men In Black" movie) and go among us looking like one of our own kind? 

The only place you would have trouble convincing us is the very orifice of the eyes - where they would appear that devoid of light-sinister black color that gives them away. Perhaps they need to perfect some lens and if they did that, we'd be in in some serious trouble because perhaps the only giveaway would be the feeling they exude of utter end-of-the-world terror.

If you want to read a lot of encounters people have had - check this link. 

On a happier note, I share how to make a black-eyed children mirror. (The safe way to encounter the little boogers) 

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