Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Look At Shadow People

Shadow people, those pesky little boogers that more and more people are witnessing everywhere, often in parks and cemeteries, haunted sites, or modern homes. They are described most often as 3 feet tall, densely black without detail, but arms, head and legs. They are not described making sounds, but they do seem to startle when they realize they are seen and then dart off or disappear.

It's hard to come up with good theories about these beings, except that we seem to come across them more and more today than ever before.  Either something has changed for them, or our perceptions have changed. Either way, they do seem to be shocked we are capable of viewing them.

Theories run the gamut from interdimensional beings to demons to noncorporeal beings who never had a human form. You name it, it's been bantered about.

But, here is another perspective on shadow people and interdimensional possibilities:

If you were a 2-dimensional being, the only part of a 3-dimensional human you could understand was the shadow they cast on the ground,. Three dimensional objects cast a 2-dimensional shadow.

What if another-dimensional being cast a 3-dimensional shadow and the only part we comprehend is the 3-dimensional "cast off" of it.

Hello shadow people!

It gets even freakier when you consider this - how much does a shadow of ourselves cast on the ground represent all the details and 3-dimensional form that is us? Only our shape, that's all.  So, this cast off of another dimensional being is not giving us much of the picture of what the real being is at all, anymore than our shadow looks like us or has our content.

If we caught an intruder's shadow in our home and it gave away their location, they might be surprised we had foreknowledge they were there. They didn't account for this possible clue giving away their presence.

What if the shock and rushing away of a shadow person reflects the fact that they didn't realize people in our dimension had a capable way of seeing their presence in some form?

So, what has happened to make their "shadow" visible? A change in our environment in recent years or a change in our visual perceptions due to using computer screens and TVs? This is a worthy path to follow, as these beings so far do not show any clear cut need to be in popularly haunted spots, but given that our dimension and theirs certainly intersect, like 2-D images are in our 3-dimensional realm, us crossing paths should occur from time to time.

The key now is that we are starting to see evidence of them.

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