Very Impressive Sasquatch Footage!

Be sure to watch this video, especially from around 4 minutes on, keep a good watch the rest of the video.  
Kanney ran out of battery time at the end, but he got sufficient capture of this fellow staying very still. The thing to remember in the woods is that Sasquatch depend on the "stiff as a tree" posture to show no motion that will catch your eye. They hope to blend in with the trunks of the trees and be dismissed as our eyes scan back and forth over the forest undergrowth.  

You might call this the "Jurassic Park T-Rex invisibility maneuver."

I often review different researcher's work to see who has commonsense, curiosity, intelligence,and wisdom. Freddie Kanney caught my eye when I saw his videos and realized this man from my home state knows his woods and knows how to study and observe everything. 

Most people go into the woods searching for Bigfoot as their target of attention, but you do not find a Bigfoot before first looking for the signs and signals he leaves that he is habitating these woods. Freddie has more horse sense in this field than most folks I know. So, he's earned my respect and attention as a fellow research with merit.

He not only captured this (here's a still shot below), but he went back with new batteries to show just what was or wasn't there. People often bellyache about blobsquatch videos, but true researchers show the conditions so you can see a comparison of what should be there and what isn't now.

I took the liberty of zooming in on the head and the light hitting the tuft of hair that appears auburn. 

Later in the film at the end, Freddie zooms in on it again - hair has moved - 

In fact, if you look at his left shoulder (I say "his" but don't know the sex) you an see what looks like auburn mane hair just like our hair, falling onto the shoulder in a swath that is picked up by the light and a bright auburn.

Here's his follow-up video and I recommend you follow his channel on YouTube. I learn more watching his videos than a hundred chatty forums filled with egos and boasting.


  1. he got a good shot there. my congrats to him.

  2. I've been analyzing this video since Aug, when Fred posted it on Youtube. I've always been looking at it with the assumption that it is the back of this creature, because of the shape of the shoulder. Lack of better software sure holds back the truth.


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