Vacationing With Ghosts

My book, "Growing Up With Ghosts," (paperback in Amazon and Kindle) met with a perfect rating and lots of great reviews!!! I'm very proud of this book that is the accumulated experiences of my family in my childhood home, growing up in a retired Civil War hospital.

I am presently working on finishing and editing "Vacationing With Ghosts" which will be published this summer!

This book is told from my point of view as a child, a psychic, and vacationing in not only a lush nostalgic setting with quirky locals and lots of summer adventures, but encounters with many things unexplained of a caliber I never experienced at our main home up north.

Stay posted for more on the release of this book. I have a few coming out in rapid succession!


  1. Congratulations on the success of your first book, may your second one be even more successful.


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