Sasquatch Caught Walking On Video?

After a recent find of a walking potential juvenile Sasquatch in one of Freddie Kanney's past videos, he went back to check older videos to see if he missed anything. 

The best way to do this is to play the video, tapping on the play button to freeze frames and see if anything has moved from frame to frame. Well, in an October video, Cruzine in the Pines, he found something moving. Upon playing it by tapping the button, one can go second to second to see the movement.

I recommend that other researchers do the same in reviewing videos and also to consider doing it right away when you get home because sometimes time can mean a place has gone cold or you may not recall exactly where you filmed it to compare.

It is also valuable to zoom in and stabilize. With some stabilizing, MK Davis was able to find that this was a leaf, but as you can see on the video - it looks very much like a person in the distance walking. 

I am pleased with both Freddie's diligence at reviewing his videos and looking for the accurate answers and MK Davis's expert input to help us see it clearly as he does with all video he works with - giving us an image so we can have the clearest view to decide for ourselves.