Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pirates and Wraiths In the Woods

(One of my Pirate Pics - yeah, I love pirates!!!)

While Julie and I are in Virginia, we are checking out some interesting locations. One caught my attention in the area of my old childhood summer home along the Chesapeake.

It's a legend of a certain area, but I don't want to publicize where or the beauty place might be littered by lookie lous, but I do want to share the legends of this particular area of woods near the waterfront. 

Legend says a crew of pirates came ashore in the 1600s and buried their treasure in these woods. They returned to sea where they perished in a storm. On dark nights mysterious figures have been seen digging in the woods with their lanterns.

That's not all....

There is a Storm Lady of the Woods. It is the wraith of a woman in a long nightgown, her long fair hair fling back from her shoulders, appears whenever dark clouds gather, she is wailing and warning of coming storms.

A man's car broke down on Old House Woods road and he was looking at the engine when he heard someone behind him say "Is this King's Highway, I've lost my ship." He turned to see a skeleton in armor. He promptly ran away from it.

As well, a phantom ship is seen in the water nearby. Fishermen report encountering it, lights blazing, men aboard, but no one seeing the fisherman. A fisherman shouted at the ship to not run into him. His small boat was pitched from the tide of it and he said it was a beautiful ship that made no sound, then he heard harp and organ music as it passed. It went into the shore, through the sand and into the Haunted Woods!

I hope this has helped to shiver your timbers! I know it has, mine. I do plan to do some photography and videotaping there. 

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