Sunday, June 22, 2014

Murder-Suicide House and Bigfoot???

While Julie and I are in the Tidewater Virginia area, we went out to photograph a house abandoned 60 years supposedly following a murder-suicide. It's right on the water - like RIGHT ON IT. There is a creek and woods around it. 

We went there to photograph and so I could do a psychic read, but... we ran into something we did not expect!

The psychic read on the house was unbelievably unexpected, as well. Perhaps it was the water churning on the shore right beside it creating a constant energy, but perhaps it was the contents of what happened within the house. 

It was so unusual and hard to interpret that I had to slow it down in my head by writing words associated with the energy and then find the common thread that helps me to slow down the info. I will try my best to describe it.

I got the information from the wooden shutter, but it resonated from the wall inside. I reached into the hole to touch the wall inside and it had the same energy. 

First energy I got was staccato, fast, pulsing - like nothing I've ever had to interpret. I needed to slow it down to understand it. I did this by taking my hand away. Now that I knew the link to the memory, I was tapped. Tapping to me means I've made a connection I can reopen and read further into it during the sifting/interpretative process later. Once that is open, I can often go back and reopen it to look for more info even years later. 

I picked up a visual in my mind of a male - seemed weak or scrawny, thinning hair, mustache, not around much?  Had a sense of another woman - more of his peer age - wife? and another female, much younger - daughter?

I took note of words to help me slow down the distraction of the pulsing energy - it did not feel like an energy from something like electrical, but something organic - from a person's own physical or mental energy, but of a pattern I have no reference for. 

The best way to proceed was to write down the words I associate with the way this energy felt - 

"Pulsing energy, rhythmic, speeding, staccato."

Words that come to mind - frenzied, frantic, enhanced by terror or chaos, manic depressive, perhaps worsened by substance or hormones, misinterpretation, split second decision. Anguish. Time lag. "What to do? What to do?" Finality. Desperation!

Male energy:  Arrogance, tormenting, pinching. Pinches and laughs. Likes to cause little bits of pain. Snapping with towels, pinching hard, laughing when he does it. Cannot be affectionate, shows it through pain and laughs as if it's fun and not threatening. Sometimes, pushes too far and when someone goes up against him, he then gets physical. Very physical. Likes using open hand and not fist. Likes using belt. Likes it too much. Sadistic. Can get manic in playing and sit atop someone and slap them in the face - liked to go for the face. Commands the home when he is there. Gone for periods of time.

Female- lets the male dominate everything, is no one without him, no life, no interests, nothing. He is her world. No life without him. This is her life. It is just like her mother's life. Resents having a daughter.

Daughter (assuming this is a daughter). She is a younger female in the home so that is my interpretation. She is greatly neglected at times and other times, smothered with attention by a mother who is weak and either needs comfort or wants nothing to do with her. The mother fears her daughter, resents her too. She does not want to bond with her, but sometimes the daughter is the only thing there and she is child-like in her needs for reassurance and at the same time, despises having a daughter, wanted a son. 

The woman wanted to be cared for. She wanted security. She did not want to be on her own. Her moods were very manic. Either she was child-like and needed comfort or angry and resentful. When her husband was there, she tended to be like a geisha to him and when he was not around, she was extremely fearful. Never really got over postpartum depression - long after having the baby. She had images of fear of hurting the child and then envisioning hurting her to the point of wanting to just do it and get the inevitable over with. To make the visions of hurting her go away, she wanted to do it, but knew she shouldn't. Inner battle with her hormones/depression were her downfall.

I am working to flesh out what happened in this site. The energy is so frantic and frenzied that it doesn't feel like an anger response by the occupant, but more a depressive episode. If I gather more on the read, I will share.

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