Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Am Boycotting TheStreet - Join Me!

As a trader and an investor, good and accurate information is critical. There are lot of sheep in the public who depend on authors of investing sites to do the hard work for them (due diligence) and react immediately upon anything negative. This is akin to the smear campaigns utilized during voting elections.

TheStreet the other day had another highly imaginable and unsubstantiated piece done by the Adam Feuerstein and interestingly timed to cause a company's stock to be affected by his speculation and biased grasp of basic knowledge. This created an uproar in the community about longstanding such pieces from TheStreet and those who run it and are involved in writing its articles and their true motives.

It is up to the private investor to do their own due diligence, know what they own, find out if anything has changed and always questions sources on investing sites, especially this TheStreet.  Be highly critical of vague pieces, gross generalizations and writing that has such an angry slant that you know the author must have a motive.

I am boycotting TheStreet, Jim Cramer, Adam Feuerstein, and any cable channels or other entities associated with them. I encourage others to do the same. It's time we demand unbiased and well substantiated insights.

If you want to see the reactions to the malicious article - just read these - 

press release

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