Friday Vlog: Theater For the Dead!

I highly suggest you don't do this if you are newly grieving or if the thought of a missing loved one upsets you too much. You must have a very good and fluid feel for the afterlife, so that the only thing separating you is the physical, but the souls are still very much together. Some people have religious upbringings or belief systems that make them fear seeing the dead, or talking to the dead, or opening portals for demons or whatever their belief system entails. In other words; simply don't try this tool unless you have your head in the right place, an open heart, and no fear of seeing things in a way that is new to you.

Basic configuration: Mirror on the wall with you seated below it, looking up at it but not seeing yourself reflected in it. I use my bathroom. It's the ideal set up. My bathtub with shower curtain is behind the chair and the chair is aimed at the large wall mirror but below the counter level so I don't see myself. I put a small flashlight lying down inside the tub and if the room is too easy to see, I put a cloth over the light to dim it. Ideally, the room should have enough light to see differences in dark and light, but not enough to see every detail of the room. 

Mental Prep:  To make this truly successful, you need to steep yourself in the focus of your calling all day long. You need to look through photos, have memories, evoke that connection with the departed. 

Technique:  When you are in the psychomanteum, you can play music if you wish or hold an item of departed or a photo. So far as evoking them, you can converse, you can ask them to come forward in the mirror, or you can simply sit in silence and think about them, but keep your eyes on the mirror the entire time. Mostly, be certain that your heart is reaching out, feel that connection with the loved one.

What to Expect:  It can take some time for anything to show itself or happen and when it does, more often than not, it is a dark shape in the mirror that looks like it is leaning in closer. Do not turn your head from the mirror. Continue to only watch it in the reflective surface. You may coax or concentrate, but do not fear. You must be open and receptive to him/her showing his/herself. You may not see them clearly and you may see them as a dark shape and you may get a very fast glimpse at a face. But, remember that this is an opportunity to glimpse someone whose very form has transitioned. 

Perspective:  Remember, in the scheme of things, our time away from our loved ones is a blink of an eye on the cosmic scale, but we must be willing to let them go and move on. We will have our time to see them again and never risk losing them. The connection in the spirit realm versus the physical realm is a much better meeting ground for us to connect, but each of us must play out our time in physical form. We must get the most out of this experience we can. This perhaps a greater reason why our loved ones do move on when they go to the "other side" because we need to finish this business and not be pulled into their realm and the past.

I advise people that if you have trouble letting loved ones move on, this is not a good tool for you. You must have a healthy understanding of the wonder of our world and how we can exist in other realms and retain our memories and lessons learned from those who loved us and moved on.

For a good book about these interactions and Psychomanteums, I suggest the Raymond Moody Jr and Paul Perry book "Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones."  

For my session, I decided to try to contact a very dear friend who passed away a few years ago and made a vow before he passed that he would be available to communicate in any manner, EVP, seance, Ouija.


This was pretty interesting. I had asked John to give me a spiritual symbol. I expected from him I'd get an ankh (his favorite symbol), but he gave me my own personal spiritual symbol, a triskele!

I figured in this dark room, maybe I could ask for light, so I asked him to show me the light of his soul. This is the only time the entire evening this light showed up. I didn't not know this was picked up by the camera, but when I asked the question, I felt his presence to my right. I saw only the faintest of shadows, but I felt him quite distinctly. 

Energy: When I feel someone's presence, it is sort of like when you are in a store and someone is standing behind you. You feel them blocking light and have a sense of weight and mass. Even though a spirit form does not have weight and mass as we know it, it has an energy field, just like the aura of energy that comes off your actively electrical/chemical body. 

Take your hands and put them palm facing palm in front of you. Don't touch them together, but get them close, bounce them a fraction of an inch toward each other and away to feel the "sponginess" of your own energy field. You do feel something between your hands, don't you? This is the feeling of being near a soul.  Hence, the hairs standing on end, tingling, heaviness, and other associated descriptions in haunted locations. 

My thoughts on Psychomanteum:  What do I think of the process of using a psychomanteum? If used properly, it can be therapeutic or enlightening. If you expect to call on and summon loved ones all the time, it's not a phone booth. It is a moment of sacred allowance to prepare your mind to be in tuned to receive that which you do not perceive other ways. This is also why loved ones often show just after death or upon death when you are in sleep state. With your brain cycling in a different manner, you can now receive that which you cannot when you are in the analytical functioning mind of a working and living human being in daylight hours.

Smoke Experiment:  The air was turned off, no fans, and I did not move so I would not change the natural air currents. So far as the smoke experiment, I tried taking photos while saging my home - got nothing unusual. I took them during Psychomanteum and got those two interesting ones above that lined up with requests. 

My thoughts on Smoke Experiment:  What do I think of photographing smoke? I think it's a touchy thing because we can see all kinds of shapes in smoke and interpret as we wish, but at the same time, forming and shaping smoke would be a delicate medium to bring a message forth. I am not done experimenting with either. One try does not a conclusion make. I like to stay open-minded and let repeated attempts help me form opinions. Expect more on this in the future!

While I'm on my trip to Virginia this month, I will be making lots of Vlogs for future Fridays and I can't wait to show you some weird places, spooky places, and beautiful and mystical stuff. Gonna photograph and videotape abandoned sites, an abandoned lighthouse, and check out some haunted woods and railroad tracks and more.