Can You Create a Haunting?

Ghost huntings shows always travel to sites of death and torture in search of hauntings. But the question that comes to mind is, "can we bring the ghosts to us instead?" It doesn't seem like an illogical concept. They certainly shouldn't be limited by the lack of availability on plane flights or the unreliability of cars, so why not? Is it something in the environment that they need in order to manifest? Conditions so specific, they just can't show up in "weak" spots?

This question came to me once when I was at a cemetery. One thing I've noticed about them is that there seems to be a good deal of activity when a grave has recently been visited. Is it the family calling upon the loved one? Or is the residual of the family's emotions leaving an imprint on the environment. Or, as I am beginning to suspect, do our emotions create a condition that is attractive or perhaps produces enough spiritual energy for some interactions to occur?

Let's look at some popularly accepted ways hauntings are believed to be brought to your doorstep:

Mediums: In the old days, séances and Ouija boards supposedly brought the dead right to your location. How many people have had séances trying to conjure up Blackbeard’s ghost or even Elvis Presley? Some say that, once you use a Ouija board in your home, you now have unwanted guests. I am definitely of the mind set that Milton and Bradley do not possess such manufacturing abilities. However, there are those in the ghost hunting world, such as J&G of “Ghost Hunters” notoriety, who believe the use of the Ouija board opens you up as a doorway to spirits to communicate, so they believe the real danger is to the person and not the environment. Essentially, the board has no power, but stopping and meditating, and calling up spirits makes you a potential receiver of sorts.

I am not a believer that either method has efficacy that can be verified and therefore, like using my psychic abilities in a site, it is purely for my own curiosity and entertainment and not for true evidence gathering because unless I can verify what I get, I can't prove I was accurate, but if I can verify that what I got was the actual history, I cannot prove I did not look up the history first.

Haunted items: The acquisition of new objects to the home, i.e. inherited items, flea market finds, and antique shop purchases are often associated with the onset of strange events in the house. Does this mean you just brought home a ghost?

I highly doubt that. If anything is associated with those objects, it is the residue of the people who once used it, held it, associated with it. Their souls would certainly have better things to do than to clamp down to a favorite easy chair for eternity. As someone who does read objects, I can tell you that residue can last a long time. I’ve dug up Civil War and Revolutionary War items and found them to be fresh with memories. It’s rather amazing when you consider that more than likely these items were left on the ground for decades before the rains and mud buried them under. If a new object in the house seems to coincide with strange happenings, it’s not necessarily a direct connection, but anecdotal. More than likely you are sensitive to its residual.

Deceased family member: Death of someone close to you seems like the obvious haunting situation. I can tell you how many people report visitations from their deceased family members, myself included.

Most stories of the deceased showing up occurs at the time of death or soon after and are not long-lasting. Admittedly, with an enormous amount of loved ones on the other side (last count over 2 dozen), I have yet to get one of them to come forward and make the KII meter light up. I have done a lot of readings of deceased family for people, but those readings I do not believe are directly with the deceased, but the reading of the dead through the living.

In my quest for what creates hauntings and what sustains them, I do believe once the elements are understood, creating a haunting will be possible. The concept that somehow souls are trapped in places and stuck there seems absurd. That they’re looking for loved ones 100 years later when their loved ones are now in their own realm seems illogical. That they don't know they're dead is an insult to their intelligence. I would very much like to bring the ghosts to me, but for now I’ll leave that to researchers. I hope some day they can figure out what electrical/magnetic conditions are necessary to attract them and any other elements necessary.

Memory Recordings: When I was a kid, my older sister got caught with weed (1960s) and she was locked in her room to think about what she'd done while mom flushed her good stuff. My sister pounded on the wall and hollered and made this yodeling sound of distress that only a singer could produce. These events between my mom and sister happened quite a few times and the rants. Years after my sister moved away and got married, every now and then the sounds would replay as if she were in the other room doing it at that moment.  Did my sister create a haunting? No, not a traditional one. She was not there. It was a sort of sound memory replayed.

In the 1970s British movie "The Stone Tape," the question was pondered if an historic building built with stone might have recorded a horrific moment in the past to create a haunting. This is an interesting concept and given my ongoing research into the "haunted formula for spirit vessels," I have found commonalities in actively haunted sites that make me believe the very geology and construction are key. In this way, a series of traumatic deaths can happen in two buildings, and only one is haunted - why?  I am continuing ongoing research into this and how a building or site can be an ideal recorder of the past, or perhaps in some way holds the past in constant alignment with present. 

But, can you create a haunting? 

Not unless you were the one involved in the haunting would be my guess, but you can find places that meet certain criteria to be "likely" haunting and you can even perhaps lay out a sensory memory in a location, and upon occasion call a spirit to you.

I hope to be able to continue my ongoing research into my haunted formula I proposed in 2009 that shows the common features in haunted locations to the point that one could have a high degree of confidence a place was haunted depending on its haunted formula score. And, with that knowledge, one might even be able to have an ideal location for a haunting but just need the right incidents to precipitate it. Of course, in that case, you're talking about orchestrated murder, but it certainly highlights that there are potential locations around the world with all the right ingredients for a haunting, except the tragedy that would activate it.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion and I do plan to continue more with the haunted formula and its statistics in a future post.


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