Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Are We Besieged By Interdimensional Beings?

"Interdimensional Beings." Let’s go to Wikipedia to get an overview: There is a hypothesis called “Interdimensional hypothesis,” relating that UFOs, aliens, shadow people, crop circles, Bigfoot, and ghostly activity are all explained by the passage of beings from another dimension occasionally crossing into our dimension and being glimpsed.

I’ll be honest. When I first heard about this theory, I laughed. It’s a normal reaction when hearing such a “universal” view of ghostly activity. Then, I started reading more about it and considering it. Honestly, the concept of souls of the departed lingering as if their lives on Earth weren't enough seemed equally as ludicrous. And, having witnessed shadow people and other apparitions, I have come to wonder if this is all we perceive of something crossing through one dimension and interacting with another. 

Shadow people:  When people report seeing a shadow person out of the corner of their eye, they turn and watch it, sometimes showing a startle as if it didn't think you could see it and then just races away into full vanish. How?

Here's how it would work - we are 3 dimensional, we put our finger on a photograph that is a 2-dimensional image. If that 2-dimensional being had thought and vision, he would see only that part that is in the 2nd dimension with him, length and width but not height. So, he'd see another of his own kind appearing and then (when we take our finger away) vanishing! So it would be with interaction between dimensions. Only the portion we perceive in our 3rd dimension would be visible for us and the rest of it would remain only visible for those in the next dimension. This gives a good explanation for the coming and going "out of thin air" and some of the qualities that are not quite like us, such as all black solid looking figure with no detail or sheer-see-thru apparition. 

Ghosts:  Some things explained by this theory include the lack of evidence of visitations, the difficulty capturing them, their ability to show up and then disappear suddenly, and the inability to capture on camera or recording device. 

Locations:  There are also some areas like Bennington Triangle that have a wide variety of events occurring on one place that make them seem likely portals for the dimensions. Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is another popularly cited location that supposedly opens "portals" to other dimensions. 

Heaven, aliens, and weird cryptids:  

Concepts:  Taking the example of the 2-dimensional image and the 3-dimensional person, they exist in the same space (person holding a photograph or watching a TV) but the image has no height and consequently would not perceive such a thing because it is out of the realm of its capability. 

So this might be with man in his third dimensional incarnation - we cannot perceive the next dimension because we do not possess those attributes. If the 2-dimensional photograph represents a non-intelligent/non-cognizant image of me in the third dimension, so could I in the third dimension cognitively and intelligently represent a version of me in the next dimension? That is how Heaven might be explained. The next incarnation that adds a spiritual attribute to the concept of Sharon - like the 3-dimensional me adds physicality to the image version of me on photograph. Each incarnation adds more understanding and more unlimited access to the universe; the 2-dimensional sits on a wall, the 3-dimensional flies around the earth, the next dimensional ???

Evidence:  I've been considering some evidence recently that we might audibly hear the interference of two dimensions. Imagine Mr. Photograph in the 2-dimensional form - what if a 3-dimensional person puts their finger on their world. Mr. Photograph only seems length and width and realizes it's like one of his own kind but he does notice two different things - 1. That this being came out of nowhere and left all of a sudden. 2. It is giving off a lot of heat compared to the other beings in their realm. 

This kind of understanding might make it easier for us discern when and how and even where other dimensions might be interfering with our own world. Phenomena is always the best indicator and, like those freaky shadow people with detail who come and go with no notice, we see red flags. Heed those red flags. We might not understand the other dimensions, but we might also come to understand when they are playing with ours.


Any way you look at the concept of interdimensional beings, I actually have it as one of the top of my list of explanations for phenomenon. I am more likely to believe that concept than souls being stuck here because they don’t know they’re dead or they unfinished business which I put further down my list. 

Just some of the things attributed to being interdimensional include; UFOs, grey aliens, reptoids, shadow people, other types of aliens, Bigfoot, Yeti, ghosts, and pretty much anything not explained that is "phenomena."  

What do I think of it? Well, I have zero doubt there are other dimensions and since we do interact regularly with 2-dimensional images like television, there is no reason to think other dimensions don't access ours or we interact with theirs. 

The 2-dimensional photograph might not know we touched them or that they represent an image of someone we love, but we might play a similar role to another dimension - they can interact with us, but we are limited by physicality and 5 senses and are unable to process it except in right conditions when we get a glimpse. The 2-dimensional world can't mess with us, but we can enter theirs and mess with it - burn a photograph, draw on a sketch, whatever - but it cannot come and mess with our world. So, it might be this way with interdimensional beings - they have the ability to affect and enter our world, but we cannot mess with theirs. 

The plot thickens....

And some people take it to be a place of evil (rather ironic if this is the place of Heaven) --- see this --- 

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