The Face of Ancient Giants Finally Revealed!

(Above:  My own artistic rendition sketched atop a print-out of the slope-headed skull found in Humboldt Sink Nevada and the basis of this post I did about the study of the skull and its implications)

The people of prehistoric times drew on caves and carved sculptures of faces they did not themselves have; sloped foreheads, noses that attached at the top of the brow, heads that pointed in the back (os inca or interparietal bones), and yet repeatedly in their rendition of "gods" (around the world) they gave them these universal attributes. 

Today, we accept these faces as human faces or even "native" faces, but they do not in any way appear like native people. So, if we study them, we might say "they're stylized art," but why did all these people around the world "stylize" their gods' faces with the same features that are so uniquely similar and yet not homo sapiens characteristics?

What were we people in Siberia, France, Ireland, North America, South America, Polynesia and other locations seeing that made us insist the gods looked this particular way? Was it perhaps someone already on the earth - far advanced in evolutionary and intellectual measures who seemed god-like and to whom it was essential to appease their cannibalistic needs and even create cranial deformation upon our young to appear like the gods?  Someone we both emulated and revered, feared and eventually fought?

Remember my "kernel of truth" in native legends reference? Well, prehistoric art had kernels of truth too, we are just too arrogant to see what they were telling us quite precisely and blatantly. 

We assume that shaping of young ones' heads into a pointed shape (cranial deformation) was a cultural fashion for people, but for people around the world to form the skulls of the young to a point in the rear is quite a jump from jewelry or tattooing. This is a desire to look "other" and in the same cranial way - around the world by people who had no contact with each other to compare their "fashion" statements or start a "craze."  

Cranial Deformation

(Pacific Northwest America - Flathead tribe member)

Simultaneously around the world, people were performing cranial deformation to appear like someone else - who? Paracas skulls proved to have "os inca" bones found in "otamid" skull finds around the world. These were genuine interparietal bones that they were born with that created a head that pointed in the back, a forehead that was sloped. Repeatedly, renditions of the "gods" by prehistoric man had these similar (but not homo sapiens features), regardless of where in the world they were drawn, they showed a preoccupation with this skull type.

Mayans, Incans, aborigines, Northwest US Flathead Tribes, France, South Pacific Islands, Africa, the Huns and East Germanic Tribes, and many more practiced this "emulation"  of cranial deformation.

Artistic Portrayal of Gods   

Ears:  Easter Island natives referred to the "long ears," wearing spools in their ears. Karankawa indians used spools in their ears (and incidentally had otamid skulls and tall height). Much of the art portrays spools in the ears and are mistaken by many to be some kind of artistic decoration or embellishment.

Skull Shapes:  These unusual skulls showed a strong brow ridge, a nose that attached up high between the brows instead of between the eyes - the jaw was powerful and the ears were described as "long" from wearing ear spools. Otamid skull shapes described by researchers include these features of a prominent brow ridge, sloping forehead, os inca bone that points the head in the back and "robust classically carnivorous jaw." (see my slope-headed post) In other words, built to be a predator (cannibalistic).

(2000 BC made from elk horn, found in Russia in a peat bog)

This image with sloped head and high nose is seen all around the world's art of both old world and new world (who were repeating old world traditions in their spirituality and legends). This, in fact, is the image of god as man first conceived him - the mentor - the originator - the one they wished to appease and emulate, sacrifice flesh to and cradle board their babies to appear in god's image. The one who could be vengeful or benevolent.

 (Ohio Valley) 

(Head of Her-Hor - EGYPT, 1100 AD - high attaching nose, slopped forehead)

(Inca - sloped head, high nose attachment with prominent brow, and ear spools "Long Ears," 100 AD)

(Mayan - high attached nose above brows, sloped forehead, ear spools "Long Ears,"  One of the major styles of Mayan sculpture were the Stelae. A Stela was a large stone slab, covered with carvings. Like most Mayan art, these usually depicted either kings or gods. 1800 BC until about 100 AD)

(Siberia - another land of many around the world that reports finds from tens of thousands of years ago involving mounds and canals, high technology and art of the "gods" as well as astronomical tracking and other advanced knowledge happening simultaneously around the world - "White horse, apparently carved some 16,000 years ago and scenes from a warrior's life found on Sunduki rocks. Pictures: 'Petroglyphs of ancient Siberia', courtesy Alexander Zaika. It was 'the home of gods, great artists and sky watchers', said the professor. It was more than this, too. There are also burial mounds and other manmade constructions - including irrigation channels - which have yet to be fully investigated.)

(Prehistoric French Art "Venus of Brassempuoy" complete with strong brow ridge, high attaching nose and sloped and pointed head, 25,000 years old!)

("La Tene" art of Irish origin around 450 BC, fellows with high riding noses (see profile) and sloped skull, antler head piece - often seen in the art depicting gods around the world - more on that later in this post)

(Easter Island - slope-headed, noses attaching at prominent brows, powerful jaw. Hugely debated about the dates these carvings were done of the Moai, some estimate 1200 AD but it is unclear still today.)

(Sumerian art - high attached nose to brows, sloped head, large ears, 4000 years ago)

 (Another Sumerian - 2400 BC, high riding nose between brows, prominent brow ridge, sloped forehead, pointed back of head)

(Mesopotamian goddess - 6000 BC - high riding nose, sloped pointed head, pronounced brow)

If you're wondering, just put your finger at the bridge of your nose and feel. Your nose attaches at eye level. These figures have noses that attach in a wholly wrong place-just above the brow line. Now, take and run your straight finger to point at your brow region atop your nose and feel where it would attach if you were of this skull type.

 (our skull - see the hole for the nose - the top of it hits the bottom of the eye level)

(This skull from Humboldt Sink "otamid" type has a hole for the nose that is midway up the eye's socket in its level - making a high-riding nose right at the brow ridge which you can see is prominent - in the side shot. While you're at it, compare the chin/jaw of the two from profile perspective.)

This becomes even more exciting when you realize that man all along, between spirituality and religion passed down, fashion, art, and other means, was trying to retain the story of the origins - how we made our jump with the help of gods that we both worshiped and feared. 

(200 BC India)


An interesting little "kernel of truth" coming out in native art repeatedly is feathered gods with antlers and it showed up around the world. They worked it into legends like the Piasa Bird in Illinois and Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. It shows up in cave art in the "larger" beings they drew, while the smaller beings had no antlers. When you see large figures being portrayed with odd features like antlers and feathers around the world - you have to realize there was a culture that was instigating this example.

(Celtic - prehistoric. High attached nose, prominent brow, sloping forehead, antlers)

(Piasa Bird - Illinois - legend has it this man-faced with antlers being ate the tribe nearby - eventually a cave found with bones in it piled a few feet deep)

 (Quetzalcoatl - feathered dragon god)

(These fellows in the art above have the antlers - -the big guys do, little guys don't and interestingly little footprints have 5 toes, big ones have 6 toes -- upper right)

(Fremont Rock Dinosaur National Park, Utah)

(Azerbaijan, National Park Gobustan, 5000 to 40,000 years old)

 (Moab, Utah)


In the 1st Century, Egyptian priest-scribes, then keepers of the world's oldest known records, claimed that the earliest rulers of Egypt were non-humans :- immortals"Mortals have been Kings of their country, they say, for a little less than 5,000 years."
(Necochea Skull, referred to as Homo pampaeus, Buenos Aires)

Ancient Giant Skulls

The skulls of these "originators" have baffled archaeologists and even caused a large amount of coverup and hemming and hawing.  They are a hot button issue. How could an archaic head shape with robust features and long limbs show up in a land whose natives are nothing at all like these beings? And, what does it mean to man's very evolution or his claim that he was the only smart being ever upon the earth the last tens of thousands of years?

What scared researchers, museums and universities about these skulls? Interparietal bones that made the back of the head pointed? Cradle the back of your head with your hand - it's pretty squared or rounded, but imagine if it met in a pointed peak?

If you find one skull that has "archaic" features, it could be a throwback, but if on an archaeological site of a city you find many of them, you realize there is a race!

(Lovelock Cave, Nevada)

 (Northern Ohio)

 (Humboldt Sink Skull -- used a printout of this skull photo to sketch out that giant skull at the opening to this post)


(Serra do Machada area of the Amazon)




NOTE:  You might find this legend/map (below) quite interesting when you realize how many remains have no DNA results released and how many have no similarity to native people but were reburied by the native people. Vital information about these unique skulls is being suppressed and reburied. DNA testing must be done on these ancient finds. It is a disrespect to the people whose remains are being reburied by tribes they likely have no affiliation with and knowledge is being lost about the true origins of the people in America and the variety of people and their influences who called this their homeland.

Common Attributes In Legends and Art

sloping forehead
pointed back of head
robust jaw
cannibalistic/carnivorous tendencies
pronounced brow ridge
elongated ears from ear spools (seen in a lot of art)
Six toes 
Unusual height/long limbs
Antlers and feathers

I could continue this all day with sculptures and drawings that all depict the same characteristics around the world and yet these were not homo sapiens features. 

All these newly modern humans around the world were exposed to a race of people - another branch, perhaps, that had not only impressively different features that needed to be incorporated into their art, but worshiped (for godly knowledge they allowed an easier life), appeased (sacrifice to their cannibalistic tendencies and need for blood), and even emulated (cranial deformation).

My answer to all this is simple: There were no ancient astronauts (as titillating as that concept is).  There is no reason to see truly advanced knowledge other than knowledge of this terrestrial earth by a branch of man that evolved long before us, hundreds of thousands of years before us). 

To us homo sapiens slinking out of Africa about 80,000 years ago and spreading across the earth for tens of thousands of years, our exposure to this master race both gave us the "god" concept that man has adhered to henceforth as the provider of crops and sun, rain and wind, protection and knowledge. They also allowed us the "jump" in our knowledge to not have to do the early learning, but to acquire it from the gods. 

In fact, it may be time to accurately date all finds reported as "archaic" and "early man." We may find some real surprises if we stored them away by skull shape and said "this must be Neanderthal" or the like. 

That is my theory and I'm sticking to it!


  1. love the site saw it on bin what I would like to see for the public and for the sake of your reputation are references. I know what you show here to be true and factual archeology for me is the 'TRUE' history of the HU-man race. There are under water cities, there are 18' hu-man skeletons w/double rows of teeth and six toes and fingers the Smithsonian institute will hide, bury, burn and dump in the ocean all factual evidence of our past history...there are hidden secrets on this planet that would enable hu-manity to progress what we should be, one is david h. lewis also the love song mary sparowwordancer

    1. Well...this sucks. I just wrote a looong comment and went to publish it, it took me to my Google login page, then back here but all my text had disappeared. Anyway, I don't deny that Man - in a good 100,000 years of inhabiting this planet - has never had a civilization as advanced as ours is today, and likely one or two even further advanced, technologically, than ours. But I don't think we have done so without a little help. For one thing, it wouldn't explain the reason why we have come further in the last 50 - 75 years technologically than we have *in all of recorded human history combined*! When fiber optic technology first hit public awareness, we were still struggling to develop a machine that had more than 56 kb of memory. Since the advent of fiber optics and microchips, we are outpacing Star Trek and Star Wars in gadgetry, at least, and likely weaponry as well. We have our very own Death Star, in fact. We have a cache of nuclear weaponry that could destroy the planet many times over. I've heard of one bomb that could do the job all by its lonesome.

      There are some who believe that fiber optics technology was gleaned from crashed alien spacecraft. And while that may seem a little far-fetched, most astrophysicists agree that there is very likely, even probable, that other intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. Though they do not agree on how likely it is they have ever visited our own planet. I wrote an essay on it in college, and was pleasantly surprised during my research to find that to be true. Because I had always thought that Man must surely be the most arrogant of species to think that He is the only intelligent being in an infinite universe. Having said that, I think it very possible, even likely, that we have had Visitors. Alluding to cave drawings and all that, there are several that depict what clearly looks like a man in a space suit, complete with breathing apparatus. It just makes more sense to me than it took us 25,000 years to advance to this point when, as I referenced above, we have been advancing (and I loathe this next word, but in this case, it is apropo) exponentially for the last 100 years, a mere drop in the bucket of Man's time on this planet.

  2. Great article... Indeed there is still so much to learn about our history... we only figured out a very small part...

  3. DNA Studies: The studies of mitochondrial DNA done some years ago, using samples from placentas from babies from women of varying ancestral backgrounds, have been the source of the "out of Africa" hypothesis. The National Geographic's GENO 2.0 study proudly announces that all of us humans of today carry a smidgen (sometimes more) of both African an Neandertal DNA. This is very nice, but it skirts the issue of why ancient peoples went so far as to subject themselves to deforming their craniums and depicting themselves (and their deities) with "high attachment" noses and prominent brow ridges -- as focused on here.


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