What's Up With Me?

Checking in as summer is coming fast. The month of June on Ghost Hunting Theories will be a reposting of my favorite posts for the past six years. It will give you ever subject imaginable. July will be tabloid month. Expect tantalizing headlines and horrifying oddities! 

On my own journey into the unknown, I continue to study up all I can on ancient mysteries to bring together my "giant" theory or the "originators" as I have come to think of them or "predecessors."  

I will also be putting out a lot of books. The list is long. "Paranormal Geeks Gang: Geeks and Ghosts" with my co-author, Julie Ferguson. This is a tween-aged para team of school out casts solving mysteries in a 3-book series. 

"Zombie Housewives of the 1980s" will be the last book in the Zombie Housewives series that spanned the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and lastly the 1980s to cover women's roles and zombie apocalypse scenarios that show nothing can bring a good woman down with lots of art work, capturing each decade in delicious zombie dark humor.  My character (below) is Madison, the yuppie materialistic girl and Julie is Brandi, the girl's band member who is a mall rat.

"Pagan Bloodlust" will be released in June. It is a book in my Erotic Horror line (pseudonym "Anna Melissa). It's a luscious tale that takes place on a mountain in West Virginia where a village of pagans who practice sensually-based magic have found themselves encircled by a cursed forest as Samhain approaches. 

There are several more of my own books coming out after these. It will be a nonstop year of writing.

In June, Julie and I will be making a trek to my home state of Virginia and to my childhood home, the setting of my book "Growing Up With Ghosts." We are also heading down to Southern Virginia to my childhood summer home and some time on the waterfront where there are lots of creepy mysteries we are going to chase. We will be photographing and videotaping and blogging about it along the way, so expect lots of updates on some strange mysteries, pirate ghosts, ghost lights, cemeteries, lighthouses, and lots of weird unexplained things and tons and tons of abandoned sites - you know how we live to URBEX! I will be sharing a great deal of videos on here from the trek to show you abandoned sites, historic sites, sites on the water, haunted and notorious sites too.

Life is very busy but also very rewarding. I can truly thank the readers of GHT for over the years believing in my mission to bring fun, curiosity and new angles to the subjects of the unexplained. This is a great swashbuckling summer of fun on the blog and in my personal adventures too. Expect me to put my spin on it!