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The Universal Language Set Down By the Giants

 (Moundbuilders' symbols - above)

**NOTE:  My conclusions, based on my own research, are provided in this post, but they may not jive with your own beliefs; religious, intellectual or personal. I have included links, hoping that you will go out in search of enhancing your own knowledge and opening your mind to revisions of previously held concepts. Your conclusions may differ from mine and are no less valid than my own.**

Ancient language was based on pictograms (representative shapes) and over time, moved into cuneiform writing (alphabet). 

The question is, how did this "hieroglyphic" writing begin around the world and carry similar symbols? If we are to believe language launched simultaneously and separately around the world with similar characters, we are practicing wishful nonsense. 

Obviously, language was passed by travelers, but how do we explain travelers who brought similar symbols to the Middle East as well as America? (many of the same symbols are found both places), and well into the hundreds to thousands of years BC?

- Let's check out this case of out-of-place symbols - 

(Ancient Phoenician Script - above)
There is a story that was in an Arizona paper in 1909 of a man discovering a cave of ancient giants in the Grand Canyon and likening the artwork and symbols as Phoenician. Henceforth, it was called the "Egyptian" find in the Grand Canyon. But was it Egyptian or were the old structures of Egypt and the language itself greatly influenced by a water-bound ancient civilization who set up shop there along the Nile? 
When Europeans came to America in the 1500s, 1600s, they brought their own languages with them.  Eventually, they decided on a common language for continuity, but this is much like the ancient giants. They arrived to lands with the language of their home place that was likely laid down many tens of thousands of years ago in Asia where they emerged from. They did not encounter other humans on the earth as they moved out and about, but brought and continued to teach and use their own language. There was no disputing what language to use, as there was only one language (that might have morphed over time away from the continent of origin for many generations).
Well, let's take a look at this ancient Ogham language from the Celtic Isles in the early AD years -

 Ancient Sumerian - 

Oldest European Language - 

Ancient global language - 

These findings (above) in Colorado were compared with ones from Yemen and it was decided by experts that there was an ancient universal language. This one was drawn up around 1700 BC.  In fact, the common symbols were found on 5 continents at the same time period! 

Source:   The writing in Colorado and Yemen spoke of some event, possibly related to the Sun, which was prophesied to change human civilization. Subsequent translations of sites in Oklahoma, Australia and South America have added more details about this future event; however, the present report is meant to describe and illustrate this ancient writing system, which we are calling "first tongue." It is similar to proto-Canaanite but, because it seems to pre-date the Canaanites, the use of "First Tongue" is preferred.

These symbols above were found along with bronze items, showing yet another tie to the metal-mining giant world travelers of ancient times.

In their settlements with advanced knowledge around the world, homo sapiens emerging from Africa and spreading out on foot, came across these giant gods who had knowledge, drew pictures on cave walls, and took to the sea, mined metal and more. These influences were the commonality for all languages developing simultaneously around the world and having very similar characteristics. 

Even the giants who would have taken to the sea and come to the South Pacific, South America or North America would continue to teach their language to their people, but over thousands of years, their characters would have evolved as well. Depending on when homo sapiens and where homo sapiens encountered them, these characters would look similar, but slightly customized locally and adopted by homo sapiens in their fashion.

The question of how man's knowledge jumped so quickly and his technology had him supposedly building huge stone monuments with precision while living in hovels, is answered by the one commonality to all knowledge - the giants!

We often run across writing from ancient times on rock formations and wonder if perhaps someone from Europe or other locations had visited America before we thought outsiders had visited. I greatly approve of Scott Wolter's work in finding ancient text in America, but I do not believe he is finding proof of pillaging Vikings in 1100 and the like, but more likely finding proof of Ancient Giants and their influence on the local's text writing, as well. This will be especially noted in copper mining areas like Wisconsin and Michigan, down the waterway of the Mississippi, as well as Arizona, California and Nevada.

Even mummifying, entombing in structures, sarcophagi and 
heiroglyphics are all giants inventions, adapted by those homo sapiens who rooted themselves near the Nile which was an ideal place for the giant civilization. So, if people in the 1800s and early 1900s were digging up sarcophagi with hieroglyphs on the tablets, they were not digging up proof of ancient Egyptians being here, but of the true ancients who universalized all religion, language, customs, and technology. 

Source Yet another giant was unearthed in 1891, when workmen in Crittenden, Arizona excavated a huge stone coffin that had evidently once held the body of a man 12 feet tall. A carving on the granite case indicated that he had six toes.

Let's have a look at some ancient Indian glyphs from America - 

(Enhanced with color to bring the glyphs to light)

 circle within a circle, barbells

(circle chains)



 Ancient Animal Effigy Geoglyphs

Another design that is popular around the world from ancient times is animal effigies in the form of geoglyphs, interestingly the animal geoglyphs tended to happen in areas of copper mining - something we know the giants enjoyed.

 Animal Effigy Geoglyphs

(Nazca, Peru)

(Black spirals, South Africa)

(horse, England)



(Another example - above - of similarities worldwide)


Honestly, there are a lot of disjointed mysteries around the world and some well-meaning folks introduced the concept of ancient alien influence, but we did not need knowledge from without, we had it from within in the form of ancient people who evolved and moved out into the world before those of us from Africa. They made the hundreds of thousands of years of intellectual evolution errors and flub ups so that we could learn it overnight from them. 

Since taking on this theory of mine, I have to admit that the world no longer seems random and weird and nonsensical and the mystery of these ancient people and their place in honoring our past is a true passion of mine.

***Tomorrow's post is newly discovered ancient unusual finds***


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