Psychometry Reading of a Deer Skull Handled by a Sasquatch

Whether I like it or not, psychometry abilities are a part of my life as a psychic, a big part because they are my first gift. Psychics can do many things in the arena of expanded senses (see my psychic test above - "autumnforest"), but they always have a dominant sense and mine is for touching objects and getting knowledge of those who touched it before.

I was lucky enough that following a sighting, a researcher gave me a deer skull found nearby that looked to be perhaps left purposefully in place. One thing we know about Sasquatch is they tend to tinker with skulls and bones, setting them up, moving them around, and sometimes even using them to mark areas like a border. Whether it was held by one or not, I would soon know.

I held it in my hands and the visual I got was the first impact and it nearly knocked me back. It hurt to look at what I was seeing through someone else's eyes.

The visual came to me with a flood of emotion and knowledge. But, what shocked me most was the gripping scene I saw. 

It was nature, but the colors were vivid, almost painfully neon and blurring in the sunlight, like the light hurt. It felt like (the only way I can describe it) I was seeing colors out of my normal range of register. It reminded me of the impressionist artists like Monet with a blurring of edges, bleeding color into each other in sharp ice like spike shapes. I could literally see (the only way I can describe it) life pulsing in everything, almost like seeing living plants' auras.

I hope to paint this at some point and try to show how the scene was from these eyes.  And these eyes!  They were most unusual besides their understanding of the setting. They were far off the ground, I was above 2 branches looking down at the ground and then following the ground to the distant view of trees and grass and a berm that looked like the ridge of a hillside or something. I look down normally from 5'8" in height, but this felt at least 3 feet taller!  And, his vision was most odd.

You know how we have peripheral vision; our eyes focus directly on what is in front of us and everything else is peripheral and as our peripheral goes out, we see shapes and colors, but we do not concentrate on those like we do what we are staring right at? Well, this individual was seeing the wrap around scene as if it's all in focus, not just what it's staring at, but what's in its periphery, almost like a fish eye lens in a way. And it suddenly became clear to me how easy it is for them to see anyone or anything coming when they are looking directly at it even when they are not looking directly at it! This sounds so odd, but what a perspective!

I felt a centering calm of almost a very ancient wisdom and a bond with nature that was palpable with all the senses, liquid, not separate, but integrated. And the emotional content was cautious with a hint of rapture. Reminded me a bit of a parent watching their child on the playground; pride, curiosity, holding the memory to mind.

It surprised me, though that the particular thoughts were elusive - as if they can suspend their thought patterns and join a sort of nature collective, almost like a meditative state we might achieve when we suspend flitting thoughts. He was both very aware of every sound in a very peripheral well, but also changes, slight shifts in anything.

The spatial sense was odd too. The best I can describe is something integrated with all things. No sense of I am here - that tree is there - but all is one. Like if you have a house that is carpeted throughout versus one with area rugs - it's all one unit, part of a flow.

Details that came to me while I could still grasp it was a knowledge of two others who were behind him to his right and left as he looked at the scene. He seemed to know their exact locations without seeing them. They moved in this flanking order, I sensed. 

And, other than a bird floating in circles overhead and a squirrel on a tree, the area felt devoid of other creatures. I picked up a bit of the olfactory and it was intensely earthy and raw, like if you dug up a forest floor after a rain. 

So far as within his physical form, his breaths were deep, his muscles powerful and he felt very centered, but shifted low, as if he dropped his weight to prepare to step off. I was aware of a scratch on the inner right ankle, but it was not distracting, just barely noticeable and some tension in the neck.

One thing that struck me was how able he was to be perfectly still, not moving a muscle at all, like a statue. He didn't need to look around because he had such a full range of vision. I got the distinct feeling he was studying for any movement within the natural setting.

His thoughts were the hardest part. He didn't think anything like thought processes I recognize. No internal dialogue. He was in some ways like a natural machine gauging the environment and weighing and measuring its contents. He was very alive, very aware, and very much adaptive. I keep using the word "fluid," but I truly can't explain any better how he incorporated himself with what is around him. 

We walk through the woods. He was the woods. 

Whether or not you believe in the abilities of psychometry or the accuracy of my read, I must tell you that this experience was so enlightening. I hope to gain more insight walking their paths and touching things they have touched. Perhaps then I can understand how they feel, think, live and how they view our very presence within their "fluid" state.


  1. I'm usually always skeptic, but reading your posts make me doubt my own skepticism.

  2. Most interesting. I am glad to read about things I know nothing about. Makes me look at things in a new manner and consider matters from many view points. Thank you!

  3. An interesting idea...a pyschic perception of a Bigfoot! What is your own feeling about the accuracy of your read? I know you've said before that you don't like to know anything about who touched the object you read because it might influence your you feel expectation may have influenced your perspective of this read at all?

    1. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to pick up a Sasquatch. I was expecting to see the deer's perspective until I had that dizzying point of view from above the branches and looked down and saw how very far the ground was from my eyes. I think anyone expecting to read a Sasquatch would have an expectation of their point of view or thoughts and feelings, but this was different in that the thought process and visual difference threw me off. That my mind processed that fish eye point of view is stunning.

    2. Sounds like it was an amazing experience!

  4. Please try with gifted items and maybe foot casts. BF

  5. Your color choice in the simulation is interesting in the light of some of the research into prosimian nocturnal vision. Is it coincidence that Ketchum's Genbank match included Otolemurs, whose only cones are sensitive to 545 nm, a yellow green color? It's also interesting that these Otolemurs also have scent glands.;2-%23/abstract We are expecting evolutionary changes, but this looks less like hybridization and more like tampering.

    1. I think there are two things at play here - one is that we were told a wrong history of man and how long certain types of man were upon the earth or where they evolved. We perhaps did not all come from Africa. There are some breaks on the family tree that lead me to believe intelligence had to evolve simultaneously on the lemur side of the tree as it had on the arm that led to apes and humans. The other possibility is there is some tampering with our process and I am completely open to that concept. We would certainly be less the wiser. I compare it to taking mosquitoes and altering them and adding them to a tropical breeding area and letting that alter their qualities so perhaps they do not detect carbon dioxide, cannot find food, and die off.


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