Evidence of Homo Sapiens Mimicking the Ancient Ones

Great example - the pretty tower at the top of the hill is (I believe) the work of the ancient giants culture that were all over the earth long before us homo sapiens. The tower below the hillside is a replica made by the locals (I believe). 

This supports my theory of the earlier civilization on earth of a man who had a huge jump on evolution and who helped us to make our jump in knowledge. I know many believe in nephilim and ancient aliens, but I think my own explanation finally makes realistic sense without magic and fantasy.

I hope to go through a lot of ancient sites to find evidence of mimicry by the "native" people as man learned from this much longer lived intelligent culture.


  1. For a long time I've wondered if the smaller step pyramids in Egypt are more recent than the large ones at Giza and may actually be mimicry of the larger ones.


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