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The first guideline to understanding how to live alongside Sasquatch is to remember this:

Sasquatch People are not stray cats. They are independent individuals who are better at survival than you are. They do not need you to feed them, only to allow them the freedom to feed themselves. They do not want the equivalent of government food stamps program, they want to retain their independence and their dignity. Remember, they are adults living beside you, not from you.

There comes a time when residents living on a property realize there might be something "other" on their land. This "other" might be messing with items left out in the open, snapping tree saplings, or making sounds in the night that frighten the family dogs. 

For rural residents live off the land, so do the others. It's a natural and very accepted coexistence with some ancient people who are exceedingly shy.

Sasquatch people only wish to be able to continue their existence without harassment or encroachment, threat or instability. Their very personalities reflect a need for both privacy and predictability. In some ways, they almost seem a bit OCD in their need to line things up, have them a certain way and have predictability of patterns. This reduces anxiety greatly.

If you live on land that is shared with these people, the kindest first steps you can take are these:

Do not use firearms on your property.  Make it a no-shooting safety zone.

If you ride ATVs on your land, allow a part of the property where you do not use them - stay on designated paths. They understand the concept of roadways, make it so on your land, as well.

Designate a protective area, perhaps near water, caves, or thicket, where humans never go so that they can have a safe retreat if you have visitors or strange patterns in your behavior, such as burning leaves in autumn or clearing fields with machinery. This is what I refer to sometimes as the "panic room" and it is necessary to keep them from being so unsettled that they move on to a lesser known property. At least on your property, you know they will be allowed free access to the waterway and safe harbor. You don't know what the neighbors might do ten miles down the road if they encounter a clan on their land.

If you can maintain a similar pattern to your days, your land becomes more safe for them and more attractive. If you normally take the trash out in the morning and then get in your car and leave, are gone all day and then come back at suppertime and your children play outside in the backyard in the evenings, then there is an understanding of the predictability of the occupants and the Sasquatch then have less anxiety.

Remember, anyone desiring a highly private and cloaked existence lives with a degree of anxiety constantly, with being on guard and wary and observing and judging. Your tiniest deeds are duly noted by them and if they find you reliable and sane, they will feel safe being on your land. One thing they do understand is that we set up residences and some of these residences have occupants who don't even venture into their woodlands or ever explore every nook and cranny. These are an ideal co-owner of the land. 

Something to note is that Sasquatch are fully aware of shenanigans. These shenanigans include having strangers on your property poking around at night with equipment and mounting microphones and cameras around your land. When this happens, signs of their activity greatly diminish. 

If you feel the need to interact with these people on your property, I advise you not to use food. Food is a poor way to interact with them. Certainly calories are always appreciated, but building a dependence on you feeding regularly in a given place makes things exceedingly uncomfortable when that pattern is broken. Remember, they are not stray animals. They have been living in the wilds much longer than any of us can imagine and doing so successfully by all indications of their continued privacy and lack of raiding nearby meat cutting companies and the like.  As well, this kind of gifting leads to possible introduction to the very viruses we carry that they have never had contact with. Entire tribes of Native Americans were killed off by the simple introduction of Europeans to their land.

If you wish to interact, a safe way to do this is to arrange items on the ground in a spot where you know they have been. You may draw a circle in the dirt and if you wish, put a line through it and see if they complete the symbol, take nearby twigs and make a shape on the ground, or place a rock upon a tree stump. Come back in a day or two and see what they have done. 

This back and forth can go on for some time and it is a safe way to show that you understand they are there and you wish to have a back and forth. This may be the only back and forth you receive, but it is a huge step in trust that they are engaging in this ongoing play.

They leave a great deal of signs of their presence and only the most perceptive people slow down, study all the clues, and are worthy of being considered "enlightened." They test us frequently to see the clueless ones entering their land and those who either might be a threat or possibly a worthy peer. Do take note of unnatural arches of limbs, odd tree breaks, and twigs lined up on the ground, small piles of rocks and the like which are contrive to test you.

Singing, music, and playfulness outdoors, interacting with your children in a loving manner, are all great enticements for a curious Sasquatch. When they realize the value of those who live inside the home and that they respect nature and their young ones, there is a quiet respect and a relaxing of the normally alert defenses. You are an ambassador for your kind.

I often say it, but it's true. If I were a Sasquatch which human being would I want to represent my interests in the human world, to speak for me in my absence? I try hard to be that proper representative and so should all people consider themselves conservators of the natural setting.

You will not win honors and money, fame and adoration by cohabitating alongside Sasquatches respectfully, but you will create a bond that is a valuable lesson for you children and for the Sasquatch People. Always keep their interests in mind as they do not have a mouthpiece for their people.  Their way of life and their very existence is at threat in these times and all we can do to maintain a safe environment as long as possible is the ultimate goal.

*** Tomorrow's post is another expert witness account of a Sasquatch encounter**


  1. Very perceptive and enlightening.

  2. Agreed Red...

    You are sharing the land with an ancient peoples, not your neighbor's dog...peaceful co-existence with an eye to eventual safe interaction should be the goal...JMHO

    Establishing and maintaining a wildlife food plot is good stewardship of the habitat...only the rocks live forever.

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar


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