Elongated Skulls and DNA Results

Kudos for those searching for answers about the elongated skulls in Peru. They are unique enough with their interparietal bones (os inca) that prove they were born to be shaped like this - not cradle-boarded.  

The os inca bones were found on the "otamid" skull shapes in North America (referred to as primitive shapes) in certain tribes and odd skulls found in moundbuilder areas and Nevada as well as Texas coastline tribes and Baja tribes (see my slope-headed post). Their skulls were elongated looking, sloping forehead, strong brow ridge, and other unusual characteristics that led researchers to call them primitive looking and carnivorous looking. 

Those who follow my ancient giants posts, know about these red-haired race of robust and tall people compared to other tribes.  The dried up lakes like in Nevada's Humboldt Sink and in this location in Peru create ideal conditions for preserving these remains.

Here is a video interview with Brien Foerster who led the mission with other researchers to finally get DNA results on these. It does amaze me that these were not tested by local authorities. But, then, look what happened to the "otamid"skulls in North America.

Brien describes these as robust large jaw, bone is strong and large where neck muscles attached, more powerful and complicated neck muscles, eye orbits bigger than normal, cranial capacity is 25-30% larger than homo sapiens.
DNA results so far:  Mitochondria - segments do not match anything in GenBank (holds cataloged results of every DNA documented on earth). Segments do not match anything in Homo sapiens and nothing in Neanderthal. This also explains why the skulls are shaped so oddly - they are not related. The skull tested is believed to be at least 2000 years ago as much as 3000 years ago. It might even be older, but researchers hadn't been studying them, assuming that they were cradle-boarded and that their look was cultural.

We already know that the term "Inca bone" came from these skulls of Peru who had interparietal bones naturally from birth, not from cradle boarding. Why did the locals choose to cradle board? My honest observation would be that they wished to look like the "gods," these people who were much wiser, had advanced knowledge (having evolved earlier and settled the world). It's sort of like kids wanting to smoke to look like grownups or a girl wanting a butt implant to look like a Kardashian.  

What might all this mean? It seems to be a step closer to my theory that man first developed from homo erectus lineage in Asia and Indonesia and spread out by land to places like Georgia, France, and the future British Isles and by sea through the South Pacific, to South America and eventually up to North America, way ahead of the homo sapiens who had yet to emerge from Mitochondrial Eve in Africa and leave to spread around the world in the last 100,000 years, coming upon these advanced cultures and getting their jump in knowledge that some desperate researchers would like to attribute to a high protein diet (I understand lions eat a lot of protein too).

There are legends of these giants in all cultures including the Bible and, in fact, those who follow that text would find it reassuring to know that their Lord flooded the world to obliterate this first cannibalistic race in favor of one that showed compassion and intelligence both. 

When we toss giants into the mix as the original earthly race hundreds of thousands of years before us, suddenly the desperate explanation of ancient aliens playing tinker toys with boulders is finally discarded.  As well, human sacrifice might be explained by appeasement to the cannibalistic "gods." When you stack onto that a unifying universal language adopted around the globe, stone megaliths, metal works, weaving and other technology that happened simultaneously for us homo sapiens as we arrived in giant territory and learned from their already established knowledge, now we're talking seamless explanation.

Suddenly, the world makes sense. The greater mystery now is, who were they a lineage of? Several forms of homo erectus hybridized?  And, what became of them? War uprising by homo sapiens?

I highly recommend Brien Foerster's books.