Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bestiality and Aliens In Very Ancient Cave Art?

Source:  As one of only a handful of Australian sites that has been reliably dated to beyond 45,000 years, Nawarla Gabarnmang is a significant and increasingly well-known site, both in Australia and internationally. Excavations at this site, which began in 2010, have brought to light some of the oldest currently known evidence for ground edge axe technology (Geneste et al. 2010) and pigment use specifically for art (David et al. 2013).. However, the compelling archaeological stories being told below the ground are equally matched by those above it. The visually stunning nature of this shelter, which is quite literally covered in rock art, rivals some of the best known rock art sites in the world.

The Wandjinas to the aborigines were the rain and cloud spirits. Look a lot like alien greys, eh?  They were painted near water holes, no doubt to attract more water in the dought-stricken areas of Australia. They do look strangely like the alien greys and it makes you wonder of all the faces in the world to pray to bring you water - why these?


Then there is this odd piece of erotica below that shows a littl fella with long skinny legs taking this lizard-faced person on all four. Erotic-based cave art is not that unusual but perhaps the way these were designed are just a bit stylized to almost look like anthropomorphs of some kind.

All of this weirdness aside, this is a truly amazing find and the question remains as they just being to pour over it (can only be accessed by helicopter it's so remote on the Jawoyn People's land in Northern Australia) just what else they might find and hopefully document in full light so we can all see it and not try to squirrel away any OOPART items (out of place/out of time).

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