Sasquatch Lineage + Ancient Giant Lineage = Neanderthal Origins?


- Although I do present many hypotheses on this blog, I do so with the backing of logic and resources so that the reader can go out and make his own extended research and conclusions about these possible explanations for things we once considered "unexplained." I do not claim to have the answer to all the mysteries I broach on this blog, but I do believe that looking at the subject matter with a fresh outlook and open mind is always the way to gain new knowledge, as thus far our knowledge on the subjects appears to be at a choke hold. -

The pituitary gland or hypophysis is often referred to as the "master gland" of the human body. Part of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, it controls most of the body's endocrine functions via the secretion of various hormones into the circulatory system.

When the pituitary gland secrets hormones for the onset of adolescence, these are the notable changes the adolescent undergoes - 

deepening of male voice
development of mammary glands in girl's breasts
growth of body hair
musky body odor  

This can happen generally between the ages of 10 and 16 years for us homo sapiens.  

What if adolescence was protracted for a different branch of man? It would result in a taller average height among his kind.


Pituitary hyperplasia - a condition of the pituitary gland that keeps it pumping out growth hormone continuously until treated or death at a young age.  This is what Robert Wadlow had - the world's tallest man who made it to 8-feet 11-inches.  As it does with others with this condition, he succumbed to great difficulty with his bones and with walking and heart conditions and other strains on his body and skeletal system which was not designed for such height and strain. The human body wasn't designed to continue to grow without stopping. At least, not homo sapiens.  

In the case of Wadlow, the growth hormone kept him growing, but what else would need to be present to produce excessive hair growth such as is seen in Sasquatch? Well, even though in adolescence androgen creates hairiness in females and males in certain body parts, this is not a congenital condition (one you are born with), but a condition of hormone introduction at a key time in the growth phase. For a Sasquatch to be hairy from birth, he would have to have what we call congenital hypertrichosis. 

In homo sapiens, this is a condition found in one's genetic makeup - it is passed on through the generations. If a cousin of man evolved with this gene as part of his evolutionary process, it would be a given that all his offspring would have this feature, just like homo sapiens have shell-shaped ears, except for a rare birth defect.  


The more likely reason is the one we haven't bantered around. We've found the bones of ancient man, but what do we know of his body hair? If he was a northern adapted being, then his body should have been covered in hair, a natural adaptive trait. I know my father from Norway was hairy (BTW, thanks dad!).

Primitive candidate for ancestry of Sasquatch

Neanderthal characteristics - 

Robust, muscular, much stronger than homo sapiens
Some had red hair
Sloped forehead, pronounced brow ridge
Brain size larger than homo sapiens (1500-1900 cubic centimeters versus homo sapiens 1425 cubic centimeters)
Occipital "bun" or protuberance of the skull in the rear of the head to look like a hair "bun" 
Low, flat, elongated skull
Long collarbones
Barrel-shaped chest
Mental foramen in the mandible for nerves to pass through
Large kneecaps
Double rows of teeth and dental hypoplasia
Large wide nose
Bowed femur
Shorter calf bones
Longer body with shorter legs ratio 

 (Patty proportions - the length of Patty's body in proportion to her leg length is off - it's not like mine or other homo sapiens. If I had her body to leg proportion - her legs are 1/3 of her height - I would be 96 inches tall instead of 68!)

When one sees a Sasquatch in person, they seem very human, but something in your mind goes "not quite right" and what it's telling you is that the proportions are wrong for a regular body, arm and leg length, and head shape that we are used to seeing on our own kind. This is the kind of reaction one might get if they had the "wolfman syndrome" (photo above) and were human, but densely covered in body hair. This would cause people to step back in fear because "something isn't quite right."

What if a primitive man such as Neanderthal with a stocky, muscular build and larger brain than homo sapiens were to evolve his brain to have a larger pituitary gland and a prolonged adolescence? This would differ from the human condition where the growth hormones don't stop in Wadlow's disorder and his frame couldn't handle the continued height growth on a homo sapien frame, but notice that Wadlow's proportions were still  the same as homo sapiens.  

This prolonged adolescence would be putting out the growth hormone for a longer period of years than it does for homo sapiens so that their average height is typically 8-10 feet tall.  They have a frame that can support this evolution being stocky and wide and, if he kept the same proportions, his body would be long (like Sasquatch) with shorter legs in ratio than Homo Sapiens which are Neanderthal's trademark.

Any of us who grew tall recall how, as an early adolescent, we had gangly limbs that belied our future growth, but we still grow proportionally to our homo sapiens body and limb length proportions for our species - arms, legs, and then spine height.

(summer before sixth grade - final height would be 5'8")

Critical phase of the evolution from Neanderthal to Sasquatch

What is reported in ancient giant finds are similar findings to Neanderthal; sloped head, pointed back of the head, strong jaw, hyperplasia double rows of teeth, red hair, mental foramen in the mandible, advanced civilization for that time period in man showing great cranial capacity. 

A northern early man (Neanderthal) headed on to other lands where he brought red hair, evolved a longer adolescent growth phase for his kind and ultimately became perhaps 30,000 or more years ago into a giant who had a sloping head, occasional red hair, and large cranial capacity. These Neanderthal descendents were found around the world - in the very same places homo sapiens made their way to as well, however, they might have had something up on us homo sapiens - with larger cranial capacity, they may have developed civilization long before us. 

In fact, they might have taught us what we know (and in that lies a clue as to why they have been censored). 

Why Don't We Know This?

How would archaeologists in, say, the 1800s handle finding a Neanderthal-like giant skeleton in American soil among remains of a civilization? They weren't taught anything other than what came from their schooling and this wouldn't jive at all.  It had to be a fluke or birth defect, right? They didn't have DNA or great knowledge about such finds to figure out what their origins were, but they knew that a really large deformed skull must have been an aberration.

Not only that, but if they came forward with it, they would be laughed and not financed for any future digs. In fact, John Wesley Powell, who was running the Dept of Ethnology and Smithsonian set up a policy that any finds that didn't match with what they knew about Native Americans was considered to be superfluous and to be rendered trash and tossed aside. This included odd shaped skulls and large bones.

That these "primitive" looking beings had cities, language, tools, metal work way ahead of paleo-indians in this time period was not part of the accepted "belief" system in archaeological study. How might these archaeologists deal with these finds in their minds? Tell themselves that everything here is primitive and savage and that they were lucky Europeans arrived and got this country in civilized order? Would they discount these findings that don't match with homo sapiens and our "sophisticated" ways, even though these beings showed advancement way ahead of our time 8000 to 10,000 years ago? Might they be even afraid to bring something to the forefront that might provide proof that Neanderthal were ahead of homo sapiens? 

Out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is a term coined by American naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson for an object of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in a very unusual or seemingly impossible context that could challenge conventional historical chronology by being "too advanced" for the level of civilization that existed at the time, or showing "human presence" well before humans were supposed to exist. This is actually a great commentary on conventional archaeology and it's dead-end knowledge that it believes it knows where everything should be and at what time on our time line and by which culture.

No matter how we look at this puzzle that is ancient giants and Sasquatch, it is one that sets off a lot of buttons for the powers that be, whether those are educational, governmental or religious. It's coming to a time here where people are demanding the proof of our history. 

In coming days, I will be revealing much more in the realm of hypotheses about their history and even why I think the Sasquatch go to such lengths to hide.  

It was the purpose of this posting to show you very real-world explanations for what we consider "puzzles" and "aberrations." We had a being on this earth who appeared to go extinct and yet their very physical characteristics; hair color, skull shape and frame that were found in ancient giants and descriptions of today's Sasquatch. Occam's razor - the most simple answer is the likely correct one.

As an interesting aside, I had my DNA analyzed by and found out my origins and as I looked at the results, I got teary eyed. It was intriguing; 65% UK (Irish, Scottish, English), 26% Scandinavian (Norwegian, Swedish) and 5% Finnish/Western Russian, and 4% Caucasus - apparently the origins of us past 1000 years in anywhere from Georgia/Russia to Turkey/Iran and the like. I didn't expect that, but no matter how much genealogy you do or what your family likes to tell you about their history, the DNA doesn't lie. I realized that everyone who had a genetic hand in creating me, just had their voices heard. I believe the ancient giants, for all their civilization of their time, would want to be credited by future generations for their part in our knowledge, our country's history, and their time here on earth.

We can not go back to ignorant again. The genie is out of the bottle. Keep looking, keep searching, keep connecting the dots. We will wake up from a collective intellectual stupor, just like when you used to nod off in class.  They hypnotized us with a legend of our origins that doesn't add up and we were told not to wonder about the great big holes in the storyline.

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This afternoon on the blog, I will discuss my role in Sasquatch research in a public commentary.

***Tomorrow's post will be about a modern day giant and another post about the desert Sasquatch habitat.***


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