Friday, April 4, 2014

My Role In Sasquatch Research

(art work by the very talented Thomas Finley)

It goes without saying that I am powerfully no-kill.
We are talking about humans.
We are talking about respect and retention of family units.

I am involved in research of Sasquatch people and I am in a wide group of very specialized people who work with habituators and in the field, setting up standards and guidelines for those who live alongside these Ancient Aboriginal People. 

We strive to work towards protections equal to that of any human and work without fanfare, publicity or the distraction of the circus that is the field of Sasquatchery.  

I do not engage in online communities and in the crazy and argumentative groups that exist and I do not like to associate with groups that allow in pro-kill groups and groups that utilize the word "ape" in their name in their folds.  It is easier for me to be helpful in research to not be distracted by the ongoing argumentative diatribe of the ego-driven people who surface in these forums and ruin it for those who seek true guidance.

I offer myself as a contact for anyone who wants to know how to live alongside these people, respect their freedoms, understand and conserve their way of life.

My personal focus has been in language and communications, the ancestry (origins) of the Tall Ones and their family units, as well as respectful guidelines for habituators. I'm also called upon sometimes to work with the concepts of the para-aspects attributed to Sasquatch and I am willing to be open and discuss these concepts, as I do not close the door on any avenue of research.

Please feel free to inquire. There are many earnest and caring researchers with brilliant minds and I am very lucky to be associated with a good many of them. If you are wondering where you stand in the field of Sasquatch, just know that the bullies drew a line in the sand and who you associate with reflects on you.

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