Saturday, April 5, 2014

Modern Day Giant?

(From Frontiers of Anthropology's great posting) He was born during the depths of the Cold War on Aug. 21, 1973, to parents who both stood only 5 feet 5 inches tall. The explanation for his immense size comes from his grandmother. She spoke of an Asiatic tribe called the Tartars (derived from Tarturus, the Greek god of the underworld), who had once conquered Russia and spread terror throughout most of Europe. She said her grandfather was "a giant of a man called Vasily," and a direct descendant of this warrior race. Nikolai was the product of this gene pool...

Giant man with sloped forehead, pronounced brow, powerful jaw - many of the qualities described in the race of ancient giants. If we were to study this man above's DNA (I can't imagine it hasn't been done), we might find some interesting answers like perhaps how giants could happen spontaneously in a gene pool or perhaps how they pop up recessively as a show of past mating with a giant race - or a race with the potential to be giant.

Let's look at this region and that reported ancient giants - the same sorts of red and blond-haired giants that were reported in the northern lakes of America and the western United State's ancient lakes - who mined copper and made many things out of shells from their waterways, a race that very well could have been Neanderthal of Northern Europe evolved - 

Giant Human Skeletons: Skull with head dress of one of the "Hunters and Fishers" from the northern lakes region of Russia.  The skull has all of the characteristics to be classified as "archaic, " with a protruding brow ridge, no forehead in this case, prominent cheek bones, and massive jaws. The arrow is pointing the mental foreman that is a hole in the jaw for nerves.  In modern skulls it is positioned at the front of the chin but in Neanderthals it was under M-1 or the first molar.

Somewhere in the gene pool it seems likely that homo sapiens and the giants' ancestor likely mated and passed DNA, making Neanderthal a likely suspect, given that he had the proper proportions and head shape and we know they mated with homo sapiens.  

Researchers believe that Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens at some point could no longer produce children together - they became too divergent. That point of divergence was likely when they grew to be giants during the evolutionary process. But, what if those of us with Neanderthal genes carry something within those genes that makes potential height and skull shape a possibility? A throwback? 

As we delve deeper into Neanderthal DNA and where it influenced homo sapiens and our DNA today, we might find many traits we didn't realize they passed on, besides red hair or strong immune systems and other such things, but the shape of skulls, the size of brains, and possibly that configuration alone is enough to produce a giant such as this accomplished man above.

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