How To Do Psychometry


The psychic ability to touch an object and read the history of those who have handled it. - that's a rather broad-based description.

Reading/Receiving Hand Versus Sending/Healing Hand
Let's begin the voyage to developing the basic skills. Find out what hand you read with and what hand you put out energy with to heal. Put your hands in front of you, palms facing each other, far enough apart that if you bend your fingers they don't touch the other palm, but get very close. Now stroke your right fingers towards the left hand and see what you feel. Then switch and stroke your left fingers towards your right palm. Which palm feels the stroking stronger? That palm is the hand that is receiving/reading objects. The other hand is the hand that puts out energy or sending/healing hand.  More often than not, your reading hand is the hand you do not write with, but this is not always true, just the majority of the time, so if you are right-handed, your left hand is likely to be the best one to read objects with. 

 How the hands work

I just showed you how to find your hand that reads. Let me explain a bit more about psychometry before we delve into how to develop the talent.

First of all, the hand that felt the stroking is your "reading" hand or "receiving" hand. It takes things in. So, if you are around someone who is sick, do not touch them with that hand. Use the other hand that offers them your energy to help them  instead of drawing in their ill energy. 

However, if you want to know if someone is being truthful with your or deceitful, you will want to touch them with that hand to read their intent.

The other hand, the "sending" hand or "healing" hand you will use when you want to give someone comfort, heal them, or if you want to dominate or subdue them, so during an argument, that would be the hand to send your own energy out to make them halt and back down.

The human body is an amazing thing and the energy comes in one realm, out another. Where healers often go wrong is they draw in a person's illness instead of sending out their own healthy healing energy. You want to give them health, not drain the sickness out of them in order to heal.

Best objects to read

It's always best to get an item that is metal, jewlery is ideal for beginners. But, you want to know nothing of who owned it or its history, so ask someone to let you read a piece of jewelry and tell them you want no information about whose it is or where it's from.

Metal is a great retainer of information and I often recommend jewelry because people wear it, so it has more chance to retain longer and more info, especially during emotional moments throughout their lifetime.

Approaching the object

You will take the object given to you, hold it in the hand you read with (the one that could feel stroking in its palm). Some people close their eyes so they are not distracted, but before you do this - let me give you some guidelines.

Do not assume anything about the object. Don't assume where it came from, who might have worn it, how old it is, its value, if the owner was rich, poor, or adult or child. I can't tell you how much your intellect will try to give you better odds by narrowing the field of your search this way. DO NOT DO IT. This is a foreign object, you don't know its purpose or origins. You must clear that analytical mind of its data. I once had a man pull a wedding ring off his finger and I read that a man had given it to him. My intellect said "no fucking way!" But I know from experience not to dismiss the "little chance of this being accurate" info. When I did tell the man that his ring came from another man, it was confirmed for me. It is very hard to keep the "head" from doubting the "gut," but in the case of accurate psychic reads, it's critical.

So, big lesson before you begin the read -
you have no idea of this objects purpose or origins.

Begin the read

Take the items whose origins you don't know - hopefully something metallic - 

hold it in your reading hand- receiving hand - the one that felt the stroking.

Close your eyes.

I will give you an easy way to access information for those who aren't studied.

With your eyes closed, look upwards above your nose in the center between your brows - your third eye area. This will make your eyes twitch, your eyelids flutter.

Do that for about 10 seconds.

Now, move your eyes back to neutral - still closed

You have the object in your reading/receiving hand. You closed your eyes. You look upwards towards your third eye for 10 seconds and moved eyes back to neutral - still closed.

For a beginner, I say, put your other hand over the center of your chest. Closing the circle to retain as much as you can.

Now, allow it to give you glimpses- ideally have a recorder going so you can speak out loud or have someone take notes. 

Do not allow anyone to talk to you or feed you info. Just babble.

Often the first things to come are male/female and positive/negative energies.

Images - associations - colors - scents - It will feel sometimes like memories.  You might get something that is like a vague memory you are trying to pull up, as if someone said "do you recall your first day of school?" Some of it will remind you of things you identify with, like an uncle you had who laughed a lot. Read that out "a person who is middle aged, dark hair, laughs a lot."  The key is to remain open and don't push information. When something flits by, observe it, but don't try to seize it and prod it and chase it down like the last doughnut in the shop.

You are only beginning, so do not expect to tie the story together. It's like being dropped into a conversation between strangers and trying to figure out what they're talking about.
Babble until nothing more comes forth.

Now, allow the person who gave you the item to tell you what you nailed. You will learn much from the paths your mind took to get the right answers. It's a feeling you will come to know as your psychic seat--the location of your genuine intuition. You might learn that when you mentioned the color blue that tied in with water. Over time, you might see that the color blue shows up in relation to water. That is how your mind makes association (interpretation skills).

Pitfalls to avoid

Ego - trying to provide info when none is coming because you want to perform. 

Intellect - don't let the person or what you think you know about them by observation or knowledge or quailty or worth of the item color your read. 

Interpretation - your reads are only as accurate as your general knowledge of the world and people - so learn. Never stop learning about cultures, literature, places around the world, religions. 

You will get feedback and that will help you to know how you felt when giving correct info. You will also realize where you interpreted incorrectly, such as you assumed someone was a brother who was a father.  With lots of practice (just like shooting baskets in basketball), you get that mind/body sync feeling that lets you know you are about to get a "swish." 


It takes practice - but it is possible for every single person to develop this skill. It is a deeper sense of touch just like people who develop their taste to discern influences like berries and rosemary in wine.  I advise you also work in general on knowing your intuitive feelings in your mind and body by regularly testing your psychic skills online at sites like this one.

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