Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Message: SOS - Save Our Sasquatch

NOTE:  This is a special 2-guest post beginning with Steve Summar, a friend and mentor in the field of Sasquatch Research.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Rumor has it, millionaire "benefactors" of Sasquatchery have placed a bounty on producing a "voucher specimen", ostensibly for species recognition, of the North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples, known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.   Former contestants of the infamous 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, are in the field with a mandate to bring in a body for the newest bounty offer.

I wish it were only a rumor...several months ago a member of our habituation support group, was contacted by a professional bounty hunter.  This bounty hunter had been following with great interest numerous videos posted on YouTube, from a well known east Texas site, with a long history of repeat visitation, and interaction with the North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples.

The bounty hunter boasted how he used the YouTube videos, blog post comments and old website content to research and eventually locate an area of frequent activity.  While visiting the area he encountered a female with a young juvenile, he boasted of his intent to "drop" the female and collect the child for an unspecified overseas collector of unique wildlife.  He claimed to have a standing order for a Sasquatch body, with a bonus for a live juvenile.  Fortunately for the mother and child, the hunter was unable to arm himself quickly enough to execute his murderous plan.  Will the Sasquatch mother and child be so lucky the next time? 

A few months ago another member of our group was approached to enable and facilitate the harvesting of a voucher specimen in the name of science by four different pro-kill groups, each with a lucrative offer of fame and fortune.   I have asked him to recount those offers in a post to follow this one, he has agreed. 

If you work with genuine habituation and repeat visitations long enough, you will hear the most despicable accounts and assertions by pro-kill thugs, miscreants, and wannabes boasting of their, expeditions, encounters and exploits while hunting and harassing the "North American Wood Ape". The North American Wood Ape Conservancy, support harvesting a voucher specimen in the name of conservation, with their "Operation Endurance" in southeastern Oklahoma, what a preposterous proposition.   The Sasquatch Peoples are endangered...not by extinction, but rather endangered by wanton hunting and harassment by thugs with a blood lust for the body of a fellow sentient member of the genus Homo.  There is no statute of limitations on Homicide.

What if those millionaire benefactors offered a reward for protected "whistleblower" information, disclosing the location of any imprisoned Sasquatch people, or the physical remains of a "voucher specimen" in/or under government control? Then, perhaps we would have recognition of the Sasquatch Peoples and their right of ingress and egress across North America, without fear of injury or harassment.   Those millionaire benefactors might become heroes in the eyes of the public and eventually the government.  What a wonderful legacy!

If the Sasquatch People were whales, Delta smelt, or an endangered tortoise, we wouldn't be worried about their welfare...would we?

live and let live...

- Second Posting -

This next post is by an habituator in Texas.

My name is Michael.  I am writing this for one specific purpose.  I have been in constant contact with this undiscovered people, known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot on my property since my first encounter with them two years ago this spring.  You do not learn what I have learned this quickly without such contact.  It has been an enlightening and rapid education.

Steve Summar is facilitator of a diverse research group of collaborators of varying talents to offer the study of Sasquatch.  I was pleased to become a part of this innovative and conscientious group to share my evidence and learn more about techniques for studying and understanding the co-habitators upon my land. Ultimately, we are all on-board with the goal of advancing recognition and protection of these divergent people.

Many of you know me as an opinionated humorist in my commentary online.  Let me assure you that, while I do take a lighthearted attitude in my banter,  I take this particular subject very seriously. I have been writing for months that the so-called Bigfoot Community is a divisive, agenda-driven enclave of back-biting opportunists   I believe this to be true.

Those of you that know me know, I share my findings with anyone who asks and many that don't. I've never copyrighted material nor have I betrayed my collaborators and shared images I currently possess, which would erase many doubts as to the presence of these subjects throughout the southwest where I research, were I to do so.  

I was once a criminal attorney.  In that dark period of my life I gladly defended many individuals who had committed acts far too heinous to be referenced here, among them was cold-blooded premeditated murder. This practice could have darkened my soul, but instead made me desire protection for the innocent.

When I was approached by several groups, early in my fervor of exploration of these unique people (whom I believe to be of our genus of homo).  They offered to arrange for the shooting of a Subject on my property for voucher specimen, promising me among other things money or fame for the kill. Which, I readily declined.  

I could honestly tell each and every one of you that the money was never a consideration for me. But the fame and its appeal to my great and flawed ego is a different story.  I am not a person who easily walks away from an offer to be first at anything; let alone three such offers. One very famous individual in the field approached me with a plan that I believed would likely work in its cold-blooded efficiency. So, I listened to his offer and I considered it.  In the transition from lawyer to habituator, I was neither schooled enough in the importance of these people and the sanctity of their family units and I was still a bit green in the field of Sasquatch research and jaded by my prior profession.

I will never betray their names. But their cause I cannot embrace. Science demands a body. But why? Why does a highly intelligent and sentient being have to die to satisfy the blind eye of science or someone's ego or machismo for that matter ?  

Our government has knowledge of these Subjects as we speak. And, we know from the handling of other extraordinary finds, they have a way of going “missing.” Therefore, the longer we continue to act like a " fringe" element of pseudo-science that hoaxes, bickers, mocks and ridicules one another, the more easy we make it for any agency espousing public policy to deny their existence and ignore the "lunatic fringe" that believes they exist and require protection.  

For those of us that truly know, it's no longer a question of existence. It's a matter of protecting them from this barbarity, as well as exposing those in government who would fool and hoodwink the public while continuing to marginalize and ridicule the believers to serve their own public policy and obvious economic long term interests and goals.  

Steve Summar and I disagree on a great many things. He does, after all live in Oklahoma.  But what he's saying is the truth. I have given him express permission to reference me in this debate because I believe his alternative method to be worth examining: Whistleblowing with incentive (and, yes, I mean cash) could easily work.

At some point, if you stay in this subject of study long enough, you will want to make a change based on your own experiences.  If you are currently in or know someone in a government agency or a private contractor who works with them or their representative with direct knowledge and/or proof that these subjects exist and/or that their existence has been covered up, ask them a question.  What is their price? Will they come forward to help stop a senseless and homicidal act?  More importantly will you help facilitate this. If so, how?  

Note from Sharon Day of Ghost Hunting Theories: If you believe you are coexisting with Sasquatch People on your land and would like support, advice, and a healthy atmosphere to learn more, please feel free to contact me. My contact information is on the left-hand side of the blog in my "about" as well as the links to my other social websites. 


  1. Thank you....Vanessa...

    Please pass it forward.

    live and let live...


  2. Hello Mr.Summar,

    Then please, in the interest of science, and for the sake of official recognition, would you pass on to the habituators to try and locate a dead body? Most, if not all, of the Pro-Kill groups I know and have heard of will immediately halt all procurement activies and move to protecting them at all cost once proof has been acquired. And that, sir, is the truth of it. It is what is required to stop the loggers, the frackers, and the developers from destroying and dividing up thier habitat in the effort to isolate the Sasquatch groups from each other. Please give this some careful consideration.

    Thank You.

  3. Anonymous...

    The crux of my editorial is to implore any whistleblower, with specific knowledge of governmental possession of physical proof, cadavers, or captive Sasquatch peoples...to please in the name of human decency and respectful tolerance of diversity...come forward and make full disclosure. Identities will be protected and evidence proffered will be submitted by our legal counsel to the appropriate jurisdiction for injunctive relief, recognition and protection. Our habituators and habituation researchers are primarily professionals, from every major discipline.

    In my opinion the Timber, Mining, Energy interests are a straw man argument obfuscating the recreational tourism industry, and park service who we suspect are the main source of dis-information. I'm a semi-retired oil and gas operator, we have a live and let live perspective, regarding the Sasquatch Peoples.

    Thank you for your comments.

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar

  4. Hello Mr.Summar,

    I Sincerely thank you and appreciate your clarifying the position. I too agree with your stance on the Park service being complicent but disagree on the other industry interests. The Deptartment of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management are the governing bodies in all public land leases but since many idustry operations, especially logging have moved to private lands there is room for discussion on whether inclusion of those industries is in fact a strwman argument as you interated.

    Again I thank you for your clarifications and also for your response and wish you and all a safe and direct best course of action and success in your missions. I personally have been in debate elsewhere on my certainty that a type specimen has been long secured by an official entity somewhere and have been in dialogue with an individual who has alluded to something of that nature at a facility in California. The truth of that is something I have not pursued however.

    Best Regards.

  5. Anonymous, or Norseman....

    Your observations and commentary are appreciated.

    A few gross generalizations and observations....

    The regional behavior of the Sasquatch People, appears to vary considerably given their geographic distribution. Their behavior is as diverse as their appearance, demeanor and disposition.

    Typically in habituation scenarios...

    We encourage long term respectful observation, coupled with the gifting of utilitarian items, like hair brushes, tools, buckets, blankets, curry combs, axes, machetes, etc. Once rapport and behavioral boundaries are established, interaction is initiated, once interaction is established, communication begins. I am not a proponent of gifting foods, except in the case of possible injury or malnutrition.

    Control is a critical component of a successful long term habituation scenario. I'm aware of dozens of habituation scenarios in North America, and with one or two exceptions women and children consistently have the most interaction and best results. Autumn Williams gave a superb lecture at the Bellingham, Wa. conference many years ago, her lecture is a primer for any would be habituator, in my opinion.

    Generally speaking...Men are extremely reluctant to relinquish control, whereas women are less threatening and more tolerant of controlling behavior, hence more successful as researchers.

    Regarding the whereabouts of evidence...

    My best guess is the primatology labs of every major university, and the bowels of our institutional museums. Those of us who enable and facilitate habituation, are advocates for the recognition, protection and eventual peaceful co-existence with the Sasquatch Peoples.

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar

  6. Thank you Steve and Michael, for having the foresight and patience to gain insight into their behaviors in respectful ways.


  7. it..is..not..goodto kill one wey doit it is murder