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Ancient Giants' Migration and Origins


I mean to prove that giants were not an aberration, but a vital part of our own evolution as homo sapiens. They have a part in our history and it is up to us to demand they get the credit for what they began and what we continue because of their influence and early migration out of Africa. 

Let's begin this post of my proposal of the origins and migration of ancient giants by looking at one location of ancient giants - Catalina Islands, California: 

Self-proclaimed archaeologist, Ralph Glidden, did not become famous or revered in his field of study, yet he managed to dig up and pilfer an amazing site of ancient human finds on Catalina Island in California in the early 1900s, where he sold off bone finds and created an oddities showcase museum.

Source: Little is known of Glidden’s early life.  In 1896, at the age of 16, he moved to Avalon with his parents from Lowell, Massachusetts.  He worked as a carpenter, but in 1915 he began to excavate Native American sites on San Nicolas and San Miguel Islands.  He quickly amassed an impressive collection that the Los Angeles Times suggested “would make any curator in this nation envious.”  In 1918, just three years after initiating his first dig, he sold his entire collection to the prestigious Heye Foundation of the Museum of the American Indian in New York.

In the fantastically comprehensive book The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up by Richard Dewhurst (I highly recommend), he writes a chapter about the island find stating that in the early 1900s, a huge burial complex with 6000 years of continuous burials and over 4000 skeletons existed there, some of the skeletons being 9 feet tall, and revealing what appeared to be kings and queens over time.

There are varying stories about Glidden, but they all add up to - this guy was an opportunist.  Many in the field of research dismiss him because he had no degree and because he was making money off selling finds as if they were trinkets for tourists and yet they were the very bones of people who were native to that land. Whether they were Native American or giant finds is the other debate.

There are pictures of the digs, but there are also reports of white skin, red hair, blond hair, tall height, and double rows of teeth. These particular features are rather unique and a theme repeated from Peru to Michigan.

Other California channel islands:   The island of Santa Rosa in California was the site of a dig in 1959 where they discovered giant skeletons covered in red ochre with skulls of the "primitive" otamid type.  "Native Races" by Bancroft "Mr Taylor from San Beneventura in 1861 stayed at Santa Rosa Island and he often came across entire skeletons of indians in caves with their ancient tools and double rows of teeth.

There is a running theme in these finds; often in caves, burial areas, with their tools, 7 feet or so tall, double rows of teeth, covered in red ochre, "primitive" type head. These finds are corrupted by the very fact that those digging them up had no archaeological comparison but Neanderthal. They believed them to be Native American since they were on American soil and "primitive." What we knew at the time about ancient America was fed to us by the Christopher Columbus Patrons and those concepts included Neanderthal being the "loser" in the evolutionary competition and of a "primitive type."

It has been reported that the Catalina Island finds were probably the longest running most vast dynasty of the red-haired/blond-haired giants.


What we know of ancient giants that is consistent -

Height was anywhere from 6'6" to reportedly 12 feet.
They had Otamid-head shapes - elongated, sloping brow, powerful jaw (referred to as "primitive" because they were the shape of Neanderthal and he was a more primitive man, though that is assuming that he did not evolve and stay on the earth longer than thought).
Many are reported with double rows of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes.
They were buried with red ochre on their skin and found in caves or graves positioned just so.
They were found along waterways from Vancouver to Catalina Islands, Baja, Nevada Lake Lohantan, Great Lakes, Mississippi, Texas coastal area, tip of Argentina, South Pacific, Australia, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, New Guinea, Canary Islands, but there are also a good deal of them found in locations like Georgia and France.
They were reported with red and blond hair most often.
They mined copper and coveted seashells.

Continuing on with my theory that these are Denisovan/Neanderthal hybrids, the Neanderthal coloring and head shape are a perfect fit.  They had larger than homo sapiens' brains and much earlier exit from Africa that had them spreading through the globe with their other companion, the Denisovans. If they were both the offshoot of Heidelbergensis, then imagine with Heidelbergensis' reported height often around 7 feet, what their offshoot descendents would produce when mated together and what of the oddities like the teeth and toes - they could be a reflection of an early people having mated between themselves and setting up genetic propensity in their offspring or a trait that is more dominant when mating these two distantly related peoples together.

What I see is a pattern that these people were the "first people" who spread out of Africa (over 100,000 years before what would become modern man) all around the globe, practiced seafaring early on, and had culture and tools that we early homo sapiens leaving the African continent borrowed, stole, or learned from these earlier evolved people. This may be threatening as a concept to some, but it also could support Biblical legends about a bad race of people and wiping it clean. It accounts for the skeletons found with advanced technology as compared to what ancestors of "Natives" reported having, and also accounts for worldwide legends of dealing with cannibalistic giants.

We have a group of people who left Africa long before Mitochondrial Eve (who unites all of us "modern humans"). This group of people had the right coloring and head shape to become characteristic of ancient giants, and was from a lineage of overly tall people (Heidelbergensis), but to make a consistently taller race, they would have to mate with another group that has the same propensity from their predecessor (Heidelbergensis) to create offspring who were impressively taller!

They would have had to have had a jump on homo sapiens time wise and traveling wise around the world to develop advanced tools and concepts and habituate all the locations where their bones were eventually found.  In fact, they would be considered the true first settlers of earth in the genus of homo.


Neanderthal was a northern adapted fellow with the right head shape and cranial size, and strength and hair coloring, who was in the right location - around Siberia/Georgia/France (and still attached UK) and Canary Islands off the coast of Africa where red-haired giants of the Gaunche tribe were found, to leave their offspring giants there.  Finds in Europe are often more "primitive" in how they were buried and what they were buried with and this makes sense as this was the continent of their first migration into Asia.

As well, theses giants launched by boat from Asia towards the South Pacific around 60,000  to 45,000 years ago (around the time of Mungo Man of Australia who had no DNA relationship to the aborigines who were of Mitochondrial Eve).  This is the "second migration" for them (originally Africa to Europe and Asia in very primitive period).  Finds in this region of the South Pacific include some crude technology, seafaring abilities, and use of red ochre.  At this point, if these giants existed today, time-wise and evolutionary-wise, they would look pretty much identical now to this second migration period.

The final migration for the ancient giants was to Americas which I believe they entered by Peru or somewhere along the tip of South America. Here they created civilizations and were less nomadic. They showed more spirituality and technology including building and lining drink wells with a tar-like substance.

As they came up South America and hit Baja/Channel Islands of California to start a large civilization and head on to Lake Pohantan/Death Valley lakes where there was copper to mine, and Texas Coast, up the Mississippi to Great Lakes and that copper region, they settled in to make dynasties that could trade with incoming paleo-indians (Karankawas admitted their people had traded for metal from the ones in the north) who were making their way to the Americas and coveting what the tall ones had and fearing their cannibalistic tendencies.

We see that giants' technology improved as they headed north in the Americas and their civilizations were greater until the "death" of the giants, according to American Indian legends, at the hands of their ancestors who drove them off and killed them.


We already know Neanderthal and Denisovans were mating with the upcoming modern humans in Siberia - South Pacificers and Europeans have some very distant DNA of theirs.  The three of them; Denisovans, Neanderthal and homo sapiens where found in a cave in Siberia.  They discovered the DNA of Denisovans, though they do not have enough bone to go on to decide how they looked, but let's take a guess if they came from Heidelbergensis, they might have been tall and slope-headed.  It is obvious that Neanderthal and Denisovans, given they didn't have a lot of other choices out of Africa 300,000 years ago, were mating freely between themselves. They had no offspring of Mitochondrial Eve yet joining them on the continents of Europe and Asia in those early many thousands of years.  There was a lineage of giants being bred for a good 100,000 years plus, and had that time to develop their technologies, knowledge, seafaring, language, culture, spirituality and more. They were way ahead of us on the time line. Just imagine us and someone who lived 100,000 years ago! Vastly different bodies of knowledge and experience.

In fact, if man (homo sapiens) took a "leap" in his knowledge and technology for no apparent reason, then, it would have been because man came out of Africa and encountered these giant people who had "stuff" and they wanted that "stuff," killed and stole that "stuff" and tried to reverse engineer it or learn from them by mating in with their clans (imagine the hero in "Planet of the Apes" and the primitive human woman they tried to mate him with). Repeatedly in native legends, their ancestors were enslaved and fought against these powerful, man-eating, intelligent beings. It's a theme that runs through every continent that has giants and native people.

They say it took man 2 million years to develop stone axes, but then suddenly man was doing copper mining and seafaring.  A little fast, huh?  What we do know is that man found tools left by Heidelbergensis in Africa and borrowed them and figured out how to do this on their own, but they were given a little leap in that they found this cool thing and wanted to use it. This is on a small scale what happened on a bigger scale when man left Africa and found these giants walking around utilizing more advanced technology and drawing, and other exciting things they wanted a part of.

They didn't have some mechanical change in their brains overnight, they simply had someone who had left the continent hundreds of thousands of years ago with a larger cranial capacity forging the way.  Homo Sapiens, as well, might have been enslaved to work mines and make items and therefore adopted the culture by virtue of their very enslavement.

These concepts that I present, as always, are not the only answer out there, but one that I subscribe to, given my logic-minded way of seeing things and being extremely practical. It would appear that North America was the last bastion of the giant people.

Ironically, this is a country that today still claims it has giants....

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