Waverly To Become Hotel

As someone who grew up in an historic site and someone who investigates haunted locations, there are two sides of me. One very childishly enthusiastic side appreciates the raw bones of a tragic location like Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky. There is another side that would wish this magnificent structure remain intact.

Luckily, both sides will not have to lose out. Although many for years of the peak ghost hunting crazy have enjoyed renting out the building for investigations or taking historic tours, the owners had a better vision of what those proceeds would provide - a beautiful and stately reminder of its tragic past and the thousands who died of TB within its halls, being respectful of the time period of the building, and those of us who would wish to stay in a haunted location.

They have announced they are converting the structure into a 150-room hotel with a convention area and a museum. This seems like an ideal solution for a location that is an ongoing memorial for spirits as well as those who seek them.

I'm curious to see what this will be like and when it is prepared and in business, I do plan to stay and do a review.